cure a yeast infection with coconut oil

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What a yummy way to cure a yeast infection! You really can naturally cure a yeast infection with coconut oil thanks to anti-fungal properties in pure, raw coconut oil. This is a way that you can naturally cure this condition in adults or children regardless of where it is on the body, including the genitals and even the mouth (oral thrush).

To naturally cure a yeast overgrowth with this oil, you need to be absolutely certain to get an all natural virgin coconut oil that is unpasteurized and not treated in anyway. It can be found in health stores and also ordered online and yes, it's a tad pricey but well worth it when you consider what it can do for you and your family. Besides, you don't really need to use a whole lot of it to get the results you want so it works out in the end.

Using coconut oil to naturally cure a yeast infection can be done in a few ways. Consuming a teaspoon of the oil before each meal is recommended to treat any existing infections and prepare your body to keep future diseases at bay. In the case of a skin or mouth rash, you can apply some oil to the affected area for some quick soothing as well as healing and the same goes for yeast overgrowth of the male or female genitalia. Treating a vaginal infection from the inside can be done as well by dipping an unbleached tampon in the coconut oil and inserting into the vagina. You can leave it in overnight for a maximum of 8 hours.

This remedy has been used as a way to naturally cure this type of disease for many people over many years. It's safe, simple and effective.

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This is amazing. Who knew the humble coconut was so valuable. I use it already for many's another. Thanks