3 month BS again!

By genniedevera Latest Reply 2013-05-20 13:36:41 -0500
Started 2013-04-29 07:08:00 -0500

It's that time again for me…my 3 month FBS test… not feeling confident about this test…

Next month is my 1yr of being diagnosed with Type 2 …

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locarb 2013-05-01 20:01:46 -0500 Report

Be sure to post when you get your results. Hopefully it will be better than you anticipate.

Nick1962 2013-04-29 12:09:29 -0500 Report

You aced the last one, and unless you've been doing some pretty stupid things lately, no reason this should be any different.

IronOre 2013-04-29 08:35:31 -0500 Report

Well . . . whenever I think I am going to do bad with the test, I end up doing good, so don't sweat it.
I hope this last year went better than you thought it would, after first being diagnosed.

genniedevera 2013-04-29 16:35:18 -0500 Report

Thanks Iron Ore! This year has been better than last year… still learning what works for me and what doesn't. .. I was a real basket case last year…