how to handle diabetes without insurance

Bonnie dietzman
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i was diagnosed in 2007 with onset 2 diabeties and now have no coverage for insurance is it possible to still manage it without testing since i cant afford it

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Often if you look in your local phone book under human resources you will find that a lot apply to you that you can call and see what you are eligible for, and according to your age, there is even more. They do have a lot of resources, and if you really need medical attention; and need hospitalization or an emergency visit; they have charity care, and it usually will pick up bills 3 months before also. no inurance, small income, You are most likelu available. my brother gets a socil security check pretty nice one and he applied and got it; it extends a full year, and they urge you to reapply at least a month before the end of that year, it is easeir than having to rdue just update informationa nd will be approved again

mike67 2009-01-01 18:21:52 -0600 Report

i have the same problem myself.i am going to try to mail the companys that manufacture the strips and see if they can help me with them, you can try also.let us all work toward a universal healthcare 2009 plan so no one goes without care and meds,friends,m.b.

2008-12-13 14:02:29 -0600 Report

There was a time I had no insurance but I was able to get testing supplies without cost. My first meter and supplies was given to me by my dr. free of charge. If you check out some web sites, including this one, you may also be able to get a meter and supplies without cost. I am sure there is someone here that has more info on this than me. Hope you are able to get what you need. Sometimes the manufacturer of these supplies will send out free meters and supplies. You may try to contact some of the companies that make the meters.

mamalynn 2008-12-13 13:42:41 -0600 Report

I am now going through the same thing. I have been able to apply for my testing supplies and insulin through the manufacturers. If you go to their websites, you can usually find patient assistance programs. I haven't heard back from anyone just yet. I just recently did this myself.

I know how frustrating this is to have to go through. I have been a nervous wreck trying to figure out all of this and to take immediate action.

Wish you tons of luck.

Headsup 2008-12-09 16:44:43 -0600 Report

Since I just joined last night, I hope I don't say something on here that I shouldn't but here goes. I don't have insurance either. The cheapest glucose machine and test strips that I have found are the WalMart brand, "Reli-on". The machine was only $8.00.It may be a dollar or two more since I got mine. The strips are $46.73 for 100. That includes the tax here where I live. That would give you enough to test when you get up and an hour before you go to bed, for almost 2 months. I would like to have enough to test 6 times a day but just can't. If I'm eating right it's easier to not worry about testing during the day. So, maybe you can try to stay on your protein and off the carbs. Hope this helps. I didn't even know Walmart had it's own brand of machine and strips for the longest! Good luck…Rhonda

Anonymous 2008-12-09 11:05:59 -0600 Report

You should look for posts from Gabbby. She has been doing it without insurance and without medications. I hope she does not mind I mentioned her but she is very inspirational to us all. I love you Gabby. She will be able to give you alot of things to try and help you. I hope you all can connect soon.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-12-09 10:10:22 -0600 Report

I agree with LadyDi that for someone who already had outstanding control, you might be able to go for a time without testing.

However, I think you really should explore options to receive at least enough to test occasionally. I can't imagine going for weeks and weeks without testing. (Granted, I see things from the perspective of the parent of a type 1.)

Here's a link to a great discussion going on about options for those without insurance.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2008-12-09 09:02:23 -0600 Report

If you previously were able to control your numbers - found what worked for you - then keep doing that, I would think. Unfortunately you cannot really stay on top of things without knowing what your numbers are, so I hope and pray that you'll soon be able to resolve the issue of not being able to obtain testing supplies. Please disucss this with your doctor and your pharmacist. There are several other very good discussions going around right now on this site about obtaining free healthcare. You need to check those out. Good luck, and keep eating smart and exercising!