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Ok…some of you are on Food stamps etc etc…I really truly hate going down there…

1. Is the crowds, and just a bunch of strange people…my dog helps me with that…THANK GOD

2. I had to take my insulin in full view..Im not ashamed of it BELIEVE me it what I have to do…
One person got a little freaked out with the needle…Well Im sorry…but Im not losing my seat when Im in a crowded room and I can't stand on my legs for a long time.

3. My lulu is new to this service dog thing and she needs to learn different enviroments…a crowded bus…NO PROBLEM…Sitting in D.E.S for 4 hours …for most of the time she sat and was quiet and behaved herself..except for some UNSUPERVISED CHILDREN…
Ok I just wanted to vent…but I didn't expect to sit that long and I really wanted to get out of there…

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midgemills 2013-04-23 10:01:46 -0500 Report

Not sure where you live but diabetes is so common around here, along with obesity.. So nobody would have freaked out around here..People are quick to look and judge.. Now if you was a junkie you would have had a strap and tried to find a vein with insulin you just poke and drop.. You take care of yourself.. I am sorry to hear of your struggle I will be praying for you

Scarlet03 2013-04-23 10:08:02 -0500 Report

I was next to a lady who was muslim…religion doesn't matter to me…but when she saw the needle she moved in a hurry…and what really upsets me..is people were bitching about disabled people going before them…Im disabled…and I didn't say anything…cause I had a loud mouth next to me that I would have slapped…some people are so ignorant…it has to happen to them until they understand…and this is AZ…most of the people that were in there not being racisist in any form…most of them were mexican, black, I understand if they were disabled completely…

But I know one thing…I dont belong in that office anymore…I have to better myself…

Angielinan 2013-04-23 11:35:42 -0500 Report

People will always show thier ignorance on this silent disease! You be the better person!! One day they will have to meet thier maker

manapua72 2013-04-23 06:16:15 -0500 Report

I wasn't ashamed to take my insulin shots in front of people … I'm happy to say though I no longer use shots to get my insulin … I prefer the pump which is what I use now …