Symptoms of illness

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We all know that diabetes can come at you like a freight train, or it can trickle its way in
Same goes with many other illnesses undiagnosed until too late.

I'm bringing this up because I HAD an uncle (RIP 2006) was diagnosed at stage 4 pancreatic cancer…He wasn't diabetic, he was in really really good health, or from what I could tell, One summer he was having stomach trouble, and it didn't seem to go away. Went to a few doctors for STOMACH issues…and I guess one day, they decided to look somewhere else. Found a tumor on his pancreas the size of a golf ball…he passed away 6 months later…

I know that pancreatic cancer is a very hard cancer…I hope and pray they find a cure…

But if you feel something isn't right…and you are sure you are following everything you are SUPPOSE to do…it isn't being paranoia when you know your own body…Plz take care of yourselves emotionally and physically as best you can…

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