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I am a big fan of Splenda. The package even states that it is suitable for diabetics. Well, the ingredient list says: Maltodextrin, Sucralose. Sounds good huh? I fixed me a nice big hot mug of coffee earlier this morning with my usual amount of sucralose in it (3 T.) Yes, I know it's a lot but the package says it's ok, right? Right before I had my coffee I checked my sugar and it was 115. After I finished my coffee I checked it again and whadayknow my sugar was 164!! So, does anyone else have a problem with powdered Splenda? And why in the world would something like maltodextrin be added to a product that is supposed to help diabetics control blood sugar??
So, I guess my question is this, do any of you out there have a spike in BG numbers after having

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old biker
old biker 2013-04-23 18:29:49 -0500 Report

First I would try limiting coffee to 1 or 2 ts of splenda. Checking right after eating or drinking something is not always the best way to check. Try waiting at least an hour or 2 is the recommended way to test.
I drink a lot of ice tea. I make 2 quarts at a time using 3/4 cup of splenda with out any problem

MrsCDogg 2013-04-24 05:47:16 -0500 Report

I only have at the most 2 cups of decaf in the mornings. Plus I make about a gallon of iced tea several times a week for my husband. I use decaf tea and only about 2-3 tablespoons in the tea. So, on a regular basis I don't have that much Splenda. Some days I don't even have coffee or tea. Most of the time I only drink water.

smlwndrchar 2013-04-21 14:37:48 -0500 Report

In the book I wrote about today all fake sugar was eliminated-the only one recommended was stevia. All foods purchsed must have the list of contents listed. NO FAKES!