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Hi all, I am new at caregiving to my hubby with his diabetes. I am haveing an awful time making meals.
I know we should watch sugars of all kinds, however, due to his erractic sugar levels, Dr. has told us he should have at least 40 to 65g of carbs. If I do this the sugar goes out of sight. There are times he wakes up in AM and sugar is 46, by the time he goes to bed though it is always over 200. Dr wants the level between 100 and 149.
Anyone out there to give this old gal some advise?
Thank you in advance.

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LadyDi - 26259Miller 2008-12-08 22:57:01 -0600 Report

I would have thought the doctor would go over all of that with both of you, as well as referred you to a dietician/nutritionist. You might ask him about that. He also should have provided some written material, I would think. In any event, both the internet and the bookstores (library) are chug full of help and information. You don't mention if he is Type 1 or 2, or what meds he's on. Sometimes those have to be changed and/or adjusted a time or two before they get it just right. I wish you both well and hope you can get the needed information. Trying to give it all to you through this site would be pretty tough. Watching sugars and carbs are, of course, something we all have to watch. They can play havoc with our readings. There's always the exercise factor too. If at all possible he does need to get that in daily, starting small, if necessary, and building up as he is able.

By the way, be sure to check out the recipe section of the site. Some really great ideas and tasty dishes to try.