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I wanted to thank everyone for all the input on NLD. I was so amazed as I was reading stories people wrote. I was diagnosed back in 2005 with diabetes. I hated the news and denied it all. In 2006 I started noticed a red spot on my left leg. I thought it was a Mesquito bite. It wasn't going away though. My blood sugars got high and my ankles started swelling. I had a sit down job. My Dr. at the time put my on a blood pressure/diurectic medication. Swelling went away, but the spots started to mutate and very uncomfortable. I was sent to see a dermatologist..they had never seen anything like it. They did a biopsy…they still didn't have an answer, thought it was a fungus…gave me a steriod cream and told me to wrap it up with plastic wrap…soooo very attractive made the spot lighter but they still continue to "spread". About 3yrs ago I just started surfing the web looking and looking for anything that looked like what I had. Finally as I was exhausted from searching..there it was…NLD…I just recently switched doctors and told her about my legs and what it was. She seems to be interested and will be doing some research on any new treatments might be available. I've had many lesions (sores) skin is so sensitive and my shins hurts when there is inflammation occuring. I use to love wearing I am embarrassed. I don't like people staring at my legs and I know that they are. Thank you all for posting what you have on here…from one sufferer to another..

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