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My doc prescribed Actos for what he says is my last chance before going on insulin. I will not go on insulin! I am trying hard to stick to a low& carb diet. Its very frustrating, but so necessary. Okay, back to Actos. I was on it for a second time during my life as a diabetic. This time, I experienced serious side effects. I could not get rid of sinus infections! I got three sinus infections within 6 months, developed serious overactive bladder with serious incontinence and I gained weight! I took myself off Actos. I will get off on diabetic medication!! This is my belief, my goal. I will do research on all medication I am prescribed.
Has anyone had experience with Actos or can tell me more about it.

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manapua72 2013-04-20 15:07:01 -0500 Report

Actos is banned in many countries … Very high incidence of bladder cancer etc … My doctor will no longer prescribe it though it is still legal in US . I was once on it but I was taken off … I'm now on insulin which has less side effects … Also being that my pancreas no longer makes insulin I'll be on insulin the rest of my life … I'd say don't knock the insulin …

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