Food ideas? Tired of eating the same old thing!

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Started 2013-04-16 16:36:13 -0500

Since I was diagnosed I have been eating the same stuff. Lots of salads, chicken, brown rice and beans. If anyone has a good reciepe that could help shake things up I would really appreciate it! Can only take eating this stuff for so long before my cravings for foods from my past life take hold! lol

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Stuart1966 2013-04-17 19:34:42 -0500 Report

Hello Kristi:

Look, the "FORBIDDEN FOOD" routine is very short term thing. The purpose of not eating stuff initially at least is to RESET the old eathing habits we've built getting to this point. Give us time to pay attention, figure out how to figure out what we are eating. It is not permanent.

Once we have a small, but basic grasp of the eating food idea, we can go anywhere we want with that. You want shepherd's pie, or steak and fries, pizza great… absolutely. But what all of us must do, is KNOW what portions we are having… how many carbs is what we are eating. Know that, and you can either barter… so the end of the day you've eaten your calorie goal adding up all the snacks, food, OR simply just know what we're taking in… information to be used in different ways.

You want some regular soda, there is a price we all must pay to drink the stuff. T1, I have to cover those empty carbs with insulin injections, a side order of massive protein if I want to stop the tsunami BG spike, which even a little soda guarantees. Its easier to avoid certain foods

You can eat anything you wish, but certain foods are a really bad idea because without injected insulin to stop the sugar spike X food cause(s)/caused nobody will feel great doing so. At the time, maybe tastes good, a couple hours later… wont feel good then.

A game of barter and balance.

jayabee52 2013-04-16 18:17:48 -0500 Report

Are you aware of the recipe section on DC Kristi? You can find it in the left column on this page under the videos link.

I would think you could find something there to fix to eat! Some of the recipes are really quite good. Of course even here you need to be careful as some of the ingredients used are not all that diabetes friendly, but it is better than just run of the mill recipes for the general public.

Praying you find a culinary delight there!


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