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I am type 1, 22yrs old. I have struggled with finding a birth control option that I actually like for a long time now. I was on the shot for a long time, and I really liked it. But it did concern me that because the actual duration of the drug is unknown, and because of the bone issues it can cause if it is used for more than a couple years, I wanted to stay on the safe side and switch off it every 1-2yrs. The first time I "switched-off" I went to the pill when I was 18. I took the pill for a year and went back on the shot. So After being on the shot for over 2 years, I went off of it again and started the pill. I have never liked the pill because it always made me gain a lot of weight and I never had that issue with the shot. But this time when I switched to the pill (July of 2012) I started having serious cramps. So I only took the pill for another 2 months and decided to just go off birth control all together until I found an option that was best for me.
I came across this birth control available called Nexplanon, previously called Implanon, and called Norplant before that. Its a single stick that is inserted under the skin in the arm between your elbow and armpit, about the size of a matchstick. I though this would be great because it is good for 3 years and you don't have to worry about getting an injection every 3 months or taking a pill every day.
But here's the problem: ever since I had the Nexplanon inserted my blood sugars have been SKY HIGH. For the first few weeks I couldn't figure out what the deal was, so I put on my CGM to get a better idea of my BG patterns. Turns out what it LOOKS like is going on is major insulin resistance. My normal carbohydrate ratios are between 10 and 12g of carbs per 1 unit (depending on what time of day it is). And now I have them all backed down to 8:1 and my BG levels are still running a little high.
I guess I am just posting this because I am wondering if anyone else can relate to my situation, and maybe see if anyone has some advice?

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I don't know what could be causing this but I will do some research and see what I can find^^

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What I have found so far is that they actually tell patients that are diabetic to not have Implanon implanted. It does cause patients to have Insulin rejection. Of course their warnings is mild rejection but of course we know they always sugar coat things… Did you discuss with your doctor about the side effects before the choice was made? Hope you can find some answers!