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This past week I inadvertently created somewhat of a firestorm about a program that we have been participating in for a few months. I was also asked by an individual to share with everyone information about any positive experiences with this program. At the risk of creating some push back, I want to relate to everyone our experiences of the last couple of days. Let me preface by saying that I am not trying to sell this program to anyone as I realize everyone is different.

This past week, we received a call from the nurse assigned to my son. We have been in My Best Health Partner program for about 4 months now and each month we speak to the same nurse. This has been most helpful and the bond that is starting to develop increases our comfort level considerably. The nurse is a RN and seems to be very knowledgeable, but just as importantly, dedicated to her work. While she is only required to provide 30 minutes of counseling, each session we have had so far has gone well beyond.

One part of our session includes reviewing the clinical values from my son's BG monitor. This monitor, provided by the program, electronically transmits the data directly to the nurse that works with us. This same data is transmitted to my son's doctor on a real time basis as well. My son's physician speaks favorably of the program. We also received our shipment of diabetic supplies in the mail yesterday as these come to our home. I save approximately $20 per box of strips over what I paid previously. The savings from supplies offsets the cost of the nurse. In addition, the end of this month I will submit my cost of the program and will be reimbursed under my Health Savings Account.

We have participated in more than one "Free" program and found them lacking. While My Best Health Partner is not cheap, I was not looking for cheap. I was looking for effective. For me personally, I find it very refreshing having a regularly scheduled session with a dedicated nurse that can provide support to us. It is also nice having this same individual that I can go to anytime I have a question and know that I am talking with someone who seems to really care about my son and his health.

If this offends anyone, I can only apologize. I felt that it was worth sharing.

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adamr1989 2013-04-14 09:36:57 -0500 Report

Do you know if they have this program in Missouri?

Satilla 2013-04-14 09:50:53 -0500 Report

It is my understanding that they are nationwide. The consultant that put me on to the program last year has done work with the parent company in developing disease management programs for large corporations that have locations in a number of states. I believe you can contact them with any questions you may have. Go to Hope that helps.

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