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Ok, I seem to have this issue of coming in here once a year.
however I recently got sent to a pain dr who gave me a new EMG test (where they check the nerves and motor responses in your feet and legs with electrical pulses.)
Anyway, they found that it has gotten worse and can add motor neuropathy to my list of issues, so the next step is anadyne therapy. Now I at first thought the doctor said "iodyne" I had to ask them to spell it… but no one explained it, so when I got back to work, I googled it and was surprised to find it is "light" therapy. They have me doing regular exercises because my ankles are bad, but my favorite part is when the strap the machine on to my legs and leave me alone for 30 mins! My feet feel awesome. I can actually feel things, the tingling is NOT as bad as it used to be…

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