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I am at a loss when you folks who have been on this site for some time use abbreviations. For instance, what does PWD mean? I see this used a lot and can't figure it out, even in context of the sentence. Being a Reading Specialist, I find it very frustrating that I can't figure it out. Can someone please decipher some of the abbreviated terms so we all know what you are talking about?

Thank you!!!


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watson4042 2013-04-14 12:12:11 -0500 Report

hello. i'm always guessing what abreviations mean; here and in texting. a long time ago i saw a texting dictionary..wish i'd bought. welcome to the family.

jimLE 2013-04-13 11:45:18 -0500 Report

one thing i've learned about my home page.the one that opens up when i first click on explorer,i can add diffrent i added to my home page is clearly called internet slang's allowed me to learn a couple of abbrveations already..some abbrev's i knew before comeing here.others i had to learn and still learning..

GabbyPA 2013-04-12 17:34:40 -0500 Report

Your actual question of PWD is Person with diabetes. (oh, I see old biker filled you in on that one already)

Actually we have thought we should create a whole glossary for diabeteics.

BG = Blood Glucose
OMG = Oh my god (goodness)
WTH = What the H**L
And like Tony said, BS is not what most people would think. Though sometimes I think my BS numbers are BS...LOL (oops there's another one)

Harlen 2013-04-12 17:33:44 -0500 Report

Yep we do that a lot lol lol
I think you got it now as you can see we are here to help lol
Just ask
Best wishes

jayabee52 2013-04-12 14:07:48 -0500 Report


I use abbreviations (abbrev) a lot simply to shorten my typing time, I do, however attempt to use the abbreviation and the word in parantheses behind it, the first time I use it in a thread. I had believed by doing so, there would be less confusion for new folks. Aparrently I was mistaken. I note that many of the abbrevs I commonly use others have already decoded for you.

Truth told, quite often when first on DC (diabetic Connect) I had to google terms which were used frequently which I didn't understand, like SMH (smack my head)

Another one I use infrequently is WAG (Wild A$$ Guess)

also use more frequently "DM" for diabetes mellitus (a more formal name for diabetes) I do that to distinguish it from other D words like Diaharrea or other medical D words.


Type1Lou 2013-04-12 12:02:34 -0500 Report

Here are a few more you'll see:
DKA= Diabetic KetoAcidosis
MDI= Multiple Daily Injections (of insulin)

Since I'm not a texter,
I had to google the following: ROTFL= Rolling On The Floor Laughing
LMAO= Laughing My A— Off

I feel like such an old lady!

Tony5657 2013-04-12 08:42:06 -0500 Report

Also BS isn't "bull s#!t." LOL It's Blood Sugar (blood glucose Level). I think "dx" is diagnosed? At the moment I'm having a "ToD" - a Time of Dumbness, so to speak.

Tony5657 in New Braunfels, TX (I think that's where I live) LOL
By the way, LOL means "Laughing out Loud." An attempt at cyber humor.

old biker
old biker 2013-04-12 08:35:14 -0500 Report

PWD =person with diabetes
BGL = blood glucose level

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-04-12 12:02:26 -0500 Report

Here I thought it was post war depression! Oh and BS and BG are use interchangeably. Oh and, "eye dee ten tee" is never used on here! Okay, here are some hints. It only is good to use when another person knows what it means and the person you are talking about is best not to know what it means. Sometimes it is used to refer to onesself. Such as I do something dumb and realize afterwards how dumb it was and I say, "Well, that is an eye dee ten tee".
When you write it out it becomes I D 10 T. Convert them all to letters and you have it. We also at work refer to mistakes that should not happen as #10. In most maintenance programs #10 on why something failed, is operator error. Complaint, "My heat doesn't work" You go to the unit and find they have it set to AC. So, rather than saying to the person it is operator error, you say "That is a #10, it should be good now". I remember reading in the Readers Digest where a mother wrote to her daughter who was studying overseas that her grandmother had died. Mom signed her letter LOL, Mom, meaning lots of love!

katcot2152 2013-04-12 11:32:38 -0500 Report

Thank you all for clarifying. i know some of the lingo associated with the internet as my children tell me when I have no clue! I do use Google a lot with regard to words, etc.


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