Diabetic Reminders for Me! Kept on Fridge for handy reference---------

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Always wear socks/shoes and do not go barefoot in or outside. Need to protect my feet.
Do a quick body scan when getting out of shower. Look for dry, red, or sore spots that could become infected. Pay special attention to moisture areas and feet.
Prepare emergency snack baggies. Always carry with you in case of low blood sugar strikes. You may feel dizzy, hungry, shaky or irritable. Take cell phone, water and medical ID bracelet. Remember skipping a meal,too much exercise without eating can trigger blood sugar drop.
Check blood sugar first thing in morning. Dr will let you know how many times to test.
Check bg#'s before/after exercise-may help avoid dangerous drop in levels.
Power up diet with foods packed with important nutrients. Make list of foods, put on fridge /handy for grocery list or meal planning.
Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and skin moisturized.
Always wear medical ID bracelet. In an emergency, may be confused or unable to speak/ would alert others as to diabetic condition and could save life.
Exercise daily, even if for 10 minutes x 3x a day. Very important..
Assemble 1st Aid Kit:
hydrogen peroxide for cleaning wounds
antibiotic for cuts and/or scrapes
sterile gauze for covering wounds.

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alctigerfan09 2013-04-30 11:41:07 -0500 Report

Thanks…monitoring the feet of someone with diabetes is critical. Infections can develop easily but very difficult to treat.

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