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Here is one thing that I have noticed. I have gotten busy, not been online here and trying to deal with what I think I am doing and what my wife can help me with. I do better when I am working because I do not get a chance to eat much, and they actually eat some things I am not fond of. With all this said, I find that I am starting to follow a cycle, like other groups. I am finding that like minded help and that I really can't do this on my own.

I did well for a while, and lost (what I thought to be permanent) 6 lbs. I was off yesterday, seemed to be active, but gained 4 lbs. I would like to share with "newbies" that if you can do it, great, but remember we are here to be of help, and we also need support too.

To the rest of the community, keep up the communication. I know I can turn and return to get what I need to handle my T2.

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-04-10 14:42:14 -0500 Report

mchcfc you have to own your diabetes and be responsible for your own health and well being. Putting your health in the hands of someone else is going to cost you in the end. It is good that you know that you need help. What happens if your help isn't around? When a person needs continuous help, they become codependent on others to help them. Once this happens you get to the point where you won't take care of yourself unless someone helps you. The thing is you know you have to eat right, you know you have to exercise, you know you have to test your blood and you know you have to take your meds if you are on them. All of this should be something you can do on your own without someone having to tell you to do this.

It is great your wife is supportive and helpful, but what are you going to do if she gets ill and can't help you? If she isn't diabetic she isn't at risk of losing limbs, kidney failure or loss of vision.

When I was first diagnosed, my support system was a great help in answering all of my questions. It was like being a child depending on their parents to take care of them. I had to grow up and go out on my own. I became self supportive and self motivating because my support system isn't going to be with me forever and they have lives of their own. I knew they could not be there every time I needed support or motivation.

Working and not eating is not good. Just because they have food you are not fond of doesn't mean you can't bring food to work with you that you know you can eat. The good thing about where I worked was for agency luncheons, food was provided for people with diabetes. They made sure there was something we could eat including a dessert. Why can't you go out to get something healthy to eat?

You stated you were doing good, you can continue to do good if you choose to do so. I don't mind helping people. However, if the person doesn't take steps to help themselves, I stop helping. I am never going to allow anyone to be codependent. You have to restart your journey and at times you must be able to take that journey alone. You also have to over come what obstacles are in your way. I have diabetes, it doesn't have me. I control my diabetes and it never controls me. So lets start with the first step. If you have a cell phone, set the alarm to remind you to test. Take your lunch and snacks to work with you tomorrow. Get your wife to help you make healthy choices and see if you can do this every day for a week. Good luck to you.

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