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I was under the impression that this forum was for the purpose of sharing ideas and information. It appears I may have made a mistake. Yesterday, my first day participating, I asked a simple question about a care management program I have been participating in for the past couple of months. My parents have also been participating in this program. To date, we have been very pleased. I was simply asking for input from anyone else who might be familiar with this program. Instead, I received a response from jayabee52 who claimed to have "signed up" for the program and made less than complimentary comments. When I questioned his comments, he admitted that he had not actually "signed up" but had simply registered up to the point of determining the cost of the program. His comments about the program were less than forthright, as he has no experience with the actual program itself, which raises a question as to the credibility of other opinions offered by this individual. He then accused me of being a salesman for the program without any basis, but went to great lengths to inform me of his "credentials". I was then attacked by someone called "iron ore" as a salesman, again with no basis. This morning, I noticed my question had been deleted. I anticipate this post will be intercepted as well and more than likely deleted as it appears that certain individuals are not interested in open discussion, especially if challenged on the credibility of their remarks. That is unfortunate as a lot of individuals struggle every day with diabetes, as well as other chronic illnesses. I have personally experienced some of these struggles. I would think that any information that could benefit someone would be welcome on sites such as this. I was not recommending any program. I just simply asked if anyone had heard of it and had any first hand experience with the program. Maybe the forum "police" need to be policed.

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Nick1962 2013-04-09 12:12:18 -0500 Report

Satilla, I’ll ask that you forgive us as a group, because well, like any family we have bad days. Not to make excuses, but those that have been here a while have seen their fair share of pitches for sure-fire cures, 10-step programs, and what have you. Yes, it does cause one to become somewhat jaded considering there are still about half a million folks involved here who are still battling this condition. Any site that asks one to “sign up” before they give any pertinent information is suspect as a scheme also, so add that to the frustration. We like the info up-front, and don’t like to have to be put on a list just to make decisions about whether or not the plan would be helpful. I didn’t see your original post, but suspect if you had added some specific info about how it helped you it might have been received a bit differently. Lessons learned by all here – maybe we’ve become too jaded to look beyond that and accept the info as potentially helpful, maybe we need to do a better job presenting - we can move on.

I’ve participated in similar programs through our insurance company, (though from what I’ve read less focused and one-on-one) and have seen good results. Our program (similar to the “Vitality” program) is a reward/incentive program which rather than offer individual need discounts on supplies and such, offers reductions in premiums. It does work well for those who are, or can be relatively active in their care management, but would not benefit those that are not medically able to improve. It appears the program you’ve posted www.mybesthealthpartner.com fills that gap for some. If used properly, the cost of the program may well be worth it, but like any program, if your participation doesn’t match your outlay it will be a waste.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-04-09 10:35:29 -0500 Report

Satilla it could be how you wrote your post. If you are in a program and you write your post as though you are selling or attempting to sell the program, people will respond accordingly. You cannot sell anything in this forum. Your previous post as well as this one could very well be removed if you attacked anyone publicly.

Keep in mind that just because you and your parents are involved in this program, doesn't mean that anyone else would be interested enough to try it. Some people are comfortable with what is working for them. Others may look into it and talk to their doctors who tell them not to get involved. With so many medical scams, people are also skeptic about signing up for things that require giving information and money on the internet. I am not saying that the program you are in is a scam.

As with any forum, participating people should do so with an open mind. Not everyone is going to agree with what you are saying, try the things you are trying or going to tell you what you actually want to here. Every human being has an opinion and the right to express that opinion as long as they not using violence or being abusive to get their opinion heard.

I have been friends with Jaybee and Iron Ore for quite some time and have learned a lot from both of them. I trust what they say. To attack them publicly as you have done is not the way to handle this. If you don't agree with them you should have sent them a private message. So what if their comments were less than positive. Just because you are in the program doesn't mean that everyone who has participated in it has found it to be up to par. I have been in Weight Watchers and I actually cannot stand their program yet there are people who love it. I also won't participate in Jenny Craig because I am not going to pay a high price for processed foods. There are people who swear by Jenny Craig.

There is a lot of information shared on this site and people learn from others and are supportive. In my own opinion and experiences in life, the one thing I have learned is that people expect too much from other people. I have found that people get very upset because they don't get support from friends and family and from this site. People do not have to be supportive if they feel all the person wants is support and offer nothing in return. People also tend to get upset when they hear the truth. I think it is human nature for some people.

People also use broad statements when discussing something. For example saying "everyone" or "we all" are suffering with diabetes, everyone needs support etc… This isn't true not everyone suffers with diabetes and self supporting and self motivating people don't need this at all or as often.

Personally I think you are upset because two people didn't join or showed no interest in your program. They have that right and they have the right to tell you why. I see no reason for you to be upset because two people didn't agree with you. Please let this go and move forward because you are not going to find inner peace as long as this upsets you. Good Luck with your program.

Satilla 2013-04-09 11:21:36 -0500 Report

Just Joyce, thank you for your comments. Just to clarify, this is not "my" program, but simply a program that I participate in, as does my parents. I simply asked a question. I realize that not everyone sees everything the same way and I am good with that. My issue was two fold. The first was when jaybee made a statement that was simply untrue. He had not "signed up" for the program, but claimed he had and voiced a derogatory opinion based on no facts. I have a very low tolerance for dishonesty, regardless of the subject. Secondly, I did not feel it appropriate to be accused of something that is untrue as did jaybee and iron ore. Not only did I feel that was unfair to me personally, but was also a dis-service to other participants on this site that I assume are seeking honest and objective information and support. It will take much more than these two individuals to upset me and, frankly, I could not care less if they agree with me or not or what they may or may not participate in. It has no affect on me one way or the other. My intent was not to attack anyone publicly or privately. I was, and always will, respond to what I feel is an unwarranted attack on the me personally.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-04-09 11:58:27 -0500 Report

I simply stated it as being your program because you are using it. I think the way your post was written may have caused the response you received.

I just read the entire website and didn't like the sales pitch. It seems to good to be true. I know my doctor would never coordinate with this program without my written permission because of the HIPPA Law. That is missing from the response in the FAQ's. I can get everything that is offered from this program from my medical team. However, if the program works for you that is good.

As for dishonesty, I don't like that either but I would never post what you posted about Jaybee and Iron Ore publicly. As for a personal attack, that could be your perception. I don't take things like this to heart. Based on what you wrote in this post they were attacking the program not you. Good luck.

CassBen 2013-04-09 10:28:28 -0500 Report

OK, you caught my attention! But not for the reason you might think. I for one would like to know more about this "care management program". Something like this would be of great help to me…maybe. It is unfortunate that you had such an experience here, but there are those of us who will do our own research, and I for one don't care what brings my attention to something that might be a benefit to myself or my care. Thank you for your question, and if you would be so kind as to "inbox" me with the info. about this program, it would be very much appreciated. I hope you have a better day today

Satilla 2013-04-09 10:33:02 -0500 Report

CassBen, I appreciate you reaching out and your comments. I can only say that my experience with this program has been very positive. My parents have also benefited from this. I do admit that it is not cheap, but I was not looking for "Free". I was looking for impact. If you are interested, go to www.mybesthealthpartner.com.

CassBen 2013-04-09 11:09:26 -0500 Report

Thanks for the info. I will look into it. At least it's something to consider…I appreciate that!