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I'm T2 with hypothyroidism complete with a goiter & nodules. Lovely, huh. Lol. This question is slightly off PWD but I've read enough threads here to know this isn't uncommon. That said, I have an appointment to have the nodules biopsied. Anyone had a needle biopsy of the thyroid? I'm anxious… On lots of levels. But from someone who has had one~ how much does it hurt?

I'm a CA survivor so I'm sure I'll get through it but wanted to hear first hand of other's experiences. Thanks. Janie

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liquorish 2013-06-25 16:41:09 -0500 Report

Hi there. I am sure you have had the biopsy by now. How did it go? I have had two, and severtal ultrasounds also. The biopsy was uncomfortable, but not painful, and when over, no pain at all. How about for you? I read somewhere that diabetes can mess with your thyroid (as if we don't have enough problems). But mine might have been hereditary. Liquorish

tinkerbell54 2013-04-10 22:04:15 -0500 Report

I have hypothyroidism my self. I have had it since I was 16. I have never had a biopsied. I will pray 4 U. Tinkerbell54

jayabee52 2013-04-09 12:36:19 -0500 Report

Howdy Janie! Yes I had a needle biopsy of my thyroid twice in 2010. The only reason I had it twice in such a short time was the first time they didn't get enough material to culture.

Both times there was a bit of discomfort but no real pain at all.

As it turned out my thyroid was CA free.


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