Im Back .... Miss me?

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Well I can say I sure as heck Miss ALL of YOU!! Now you might be saying, where has she been huh? It sure has been a long time and let me explain ~

First off, I was away because I became severely depressed from grieving the loss of my dad and a huge family mess including a court battle that followed. I was stressed like no other time in my entire life which didn't help at all with my diabetes. From that, I gained back the weight that I had lost, my A1C went from a beautifully controlled 5.7 (on Metformin) to 7.5 and an increase in those meds.

With the increase in the medications I of course suffered side effects of not being able to go far from home for fear of having to go to the bathroom and rather than being embarrassed in a public place … I found out I was vain!

Today, I start a new medication, Glimepiride. I don't know a thing about this med although I sure hope it will allow me to leave my house and enjoy a whole lot more of living again!! If you know about this med and can fill me in on it, like if it works for you, if you experience side effects and what those are, etc. I would truly appreciate it.

Gosh its great to be back. Since I have been gone I have found some products that help with the dryness of my feet which were UGLY ugly. I don't have callouses or anything like that, just major dryness. I tried everything you can think of and then found this … Intense moisture cream.

I hope it is ok to put a link in here. I put this on at night, put cotton socks on and the next morning I could not believe the difference, within a week, my feet looked and felt like they did before I found out I was diabetic, soft and smooth. I had been going to a foot specialist to have my toes taken care of and my feet done because well I was too dang vain to let my doctor see my uglies!! I will still go to her as she does an amazing job on my feet including helping my toenail come back in (it was removed due to fungus and an infection). What a God send she has been to my feet. Still even after going to her, my feet didn't stay soft for more than a week.

All in all … seriously I have missed you guys and learning. But I am back so now you have to put up with me again *smirks*. I hope that during this time, you all have been well, living life richly and just enjoying the every day that He has blessed us with .

Love and Hugs ~ Cheryl

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jayabee52 2013-04-04 10:26:35 -0500 Report

WELCOME BACK, Cheryl! Glad you are back!
Too bad you didn't go through that and share it with us as it was happening. There are a lot of caring people who would have commiserated with and comforted you.

Praying God's richest blessings upon you and yours.


sNerTs1 2013-04-04 10:35:34 -0500 Report

Oh James how I would have loved to have shared throughout that mess. I remember telling you that I was going to through our emails. It was the most hurtful time in my entire life and I had lost half of my family through all of it which saddens me beyond words.

I tried to come on here a few times to explain but it was just too difficult to type out mostly because it seemed incredibly surreal to me. My thoughts were, if only I could voice it out, someone might be able to learn through my experiences, but again, it was just too difficult.

Im better today and will be =) Thanks to beautiful people like yourself!! *HugZ*

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