Running and Diabetes

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I was just wondering if there are any runners that are diabetic. I have just started running again. I was running before I joined the Navy and now that I am out now I am starting up again. I was reading what one should have for a snack after running and they said to have a little protein but to have more carbs than protein. So as a diabetic we are suppose to stay away from Carbs. So I was wondering for all the runners out there that are diabetic what you do for eating the day before a race and when you are actually running. I am training for a 5K right now so I am running 5 days a week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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JiMMy DCC 2013-03-28 15:34:10 -0500 Report

Hi Tracy,

I'm a Type 1 runner. I used to way 260. Bit now down to 205-210. I haut ran a Half Marathon 1.5 weeks ago. And I'm running another on April 6th. Also have 2 Marathons to run this year. Usually after my run I hydrate and have a Yoplait Greek Yogurt (lime is my fav). It's 10 crabs and I think 6 protein. Then I have to watch my BS rear of the day. I can drop very low. I'm on a pump so O can Temp my Basal for usually 3 hours after.

During the week before a big run I'll have a few extra carbs - not much more as I don't want to gain weight. I've also found having coffee before my fun really helps with endurance. When I first started running 1 mile was hard. And my first 5k it took me 39 minutes. I now run a 5k in about 30-31 minutes.

Keep at it. Watch your before and after BS. But don't over eat because your running. You might feel extra hungry later in the day. Usually a handful of Pistachios or Almonds help.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-03-28 11:22:40 -0500 Report

My knees won't let me do the running thing, but a suggestion or two. Carry your meter with you and some sugar, just in case. Also ID, I know when I ran I did not have ID with me and my daughter told me, well I won't say what she said, but "Dad, suppose you bottomed out? Having ID with you and a list of your meds may make a difference." So, now I do. In my truck on the dashboard is an envelope marked "Emergency diabetic info" Has everything needed to treat me including location of candy in the console. My last suggestion is to take your BS before you warm up or run. Stop about halfway through your run and rest, take your BS again. then take it when you are done. You may be able to do some more carbs since you are aggressively exercising. Once you see what your halfway and end numbers are you should be able to make good decisions.
Yeah on the 5K! May your feet, knees and stamina all hold out. I wish you the best.