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I have diabetes type 2 and it seems like every day I have different levels of blurred vision. I am just wondering if anyone else deals with this issue? I some is due to stress due to other health issues, but looking for tips if anyone has any. Thanks!

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Trouble Breathing 49
Trouble Breathing 49 2013-07-23 13:36:51 -0500 Report

I too am having Vision problems. Eye doctors assure me I have 20/20 vision but all is becoming blurred? Some tell me My inner eyes are dried up & I quench Water, soda, any liquid throughout the day. Are these caused by Diabetes?

DCWright60 2013-04-09 11:00:56 -0500 Report

Thought I would update. Eye exam yesterday with the ophthalmologist and he said my eyes look really good. My medical doctor added a third insulin, a short acting one, Novolog Flexpen. I really don't care to be on 3 different ones, and 5 shots a day, but it does have my blood sugar staying down. Tomorrow is my checkup with him.


jayabee52 2013-04-09 14:10:37 -0500 Report

That is a GREAT report back! Keep up the good work!

DCWright60 2013-04-09 14:42:59 -0500 Report

Thanks, I do hope I am not becoming resistant to the insulin and meds, since I keep having to have additions to them. Will be quizzing my doctor in the morning.

jayabee52 2013-04-09 14:45:43 -0500 Report

How is your weight? If you are gaining weight, fat helps to create insulin resistance. Losing weight helps with that.

DCWright60 2013-04-09 15:07:58 -0500 Report

I am working on weight loss. There are some of my meds that mention weight gain as a side affect. I am also trying to get more active. But afraid asthma and other health issues (back as well as gout in my feet) that do not help me to be active enough.

Nana_anna 2013-04-02 13:19:32 -0500 Report

Same thing. I have to get my eyes checks twice a year. My BS levels make my eyes different. I have trouble using my glasses because of my levels being up and down. Not to mention that I also have hypertention, which causes eye changes to. I am at the beginning stages of cateracs, caused by diabetes.

DCWright60 2013-04-02 13:54:03 -0500 Report

Sounds just like me. I have had high blood pressure for years that has caused me problems off and on. While I really do like my doctor, I feel he is just like most that prescribes medications instead of trying to help me improve my health and get off of them. My blood glucose levels are still up and he added a third insulin. I would have thought he would change the insulins and tried something different since the ones I am on are not working.

CHenry9973 2013-03-27 16:25:52 -0500 Report

I have the same problem with my vision. But I also have glucoma. Learning to live with it is tough, especially if you love to read. I have had to quit driving, afraid I will run off the road or run into someone. Thank God for a great support system in place, just wish they would talk with me about the problems. They are here to help, they just don't want to hear about it.

DCWright60 2013-03-27 19:15:40 -0500 Report

When I first became diabetic my vision went blurry. That is how I knew something was up and I went to my eye doctor as it had only been about a month since I had gotten my glasses. I never knew vision was affected by the high blood glucose. I also was told that I had cataracts in the very early stage, but they should not be affecting my sight yet.

I appreciate having a doctor and his office staff that are good at listening and getting me help. But I do wish doctors were better about telling me what to expect and how to handle it. I have been having back problems for years. One week I started having problems with bad pain in my ankles that spread to the point I could not put my weight on them at all. When they did a CT scan I was told it would be either surgery or pain management. As much as I would hate having the surgery, it would be better to get the problem fixed rather than just managing the pain.

I am so glad I found a diabetic site that has the discussions going on, as it is giving me a lot more insight than the doctors have.

Thanks for your note!

DCWright60 2013-03-26 20:01:01 -0500 Report

I want to thank everyone for their replies. Having others that suffer from the same problems help just to let me know I am not alone in all of this. Hopefully my checkup with the doctors will get me some results. I appreciate everyone's feedback very much.

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2013-03-25 21:12:32 -0500 Report

My eyes are constantly changing. I can't wear glasses because my prescription changes too often. My eye doctors give me my contact lenses. Whenever the weather changes my eyes get blurry. I have 3 different sets of contact lenses that I wear. I'm far sighted in one eye & near sighted on the other and then being diabetic on top of that makes it even worse.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-03-26 18:41:22 -0500 Report

My vision has been bad also, but the doctor said it is from the beginning of catheracts. On rainy nights the headlights coming toward me look like they are 10 feet wide. Read the BIG green road signs, not always.
I have my problems. My vision is blurry. I am overly tired most of the time. I often can't turn my head because my neck is stiff. My finger joints are stiffening up. I get lightheaded and disoriented when my sugars get low. I often forget where I am going or how to get there, but one thing for sure, I am thankful I can still drive! LOL! (Adapted without permission from an email entittled "Seniors")

DCWright60 2013-03-26 16:46:58 -0500 Report

That sounds like me. I have about 5 different strengths of reading glasses. I have been good for a while. But this time it started about 2 weeks ago. I not only am having to watch what I eat, but the size of the portions as it all seems to mess with my vision.

jayabee52 2013-03-26 17:09:34 -0500 Report

TR makes a point that I almost forgot, If you have a high Blood Glucose (BG) for a long time your eyeballs get swollen from the high BG levels. Since the Vitreous Humor (clear gel in the eyeball) has no direct circulatory system in it the lessening of the sugar in the vitreous lags behind the lowered levels in the blood.

For that reason I was told never to get a Rx for new eyewear until about a month after achieving BG levels closer to normal.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-03-24 19:01:25 -0500 Report

If you are having this problem, have you talked to your doctor? Blurred vision can be caused by high blood sugar, medications or some other problems.

SandySilvers 2013-03-24 17:52:33 -0500 Report

Hi DC! You should probably speak to your doctor first and then your eye doctor. Blurry vision can be a sign of, among other things, blood sugar levels that are too high and diabetic retinopathy. I'm not sure how long you've had diabetes but uncontrolled blood sugar over a period of time can lead to retinopathy. I have it. I am lucky at this point as it isn't affecting my vision yet. If it IS retinopathy, the linger you wait, the worse it can get. Best of luck and please keep us updated!!

DCWright60 2013-03-24 18:17:58 -0500 Report

I have been diabetic for a little over 2 years. I have been fighting to get blood sugar regulated but some of the fluctuation lately is due to stress and other ailments I am struggling with. I am on 2 insulins plus metFormin. Last doctors visits doc was more worried about other issues that he wanted to get fixed first. Thanks for your input.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-03-24 19:02:47 -0500 Report

Tell your doctor to refer you to an eye doctor. I never let my medical doctor perform eye exams because I already had an eye problem before I became diabetic.

jayabee52 2013-03-25 00:51:34 -0500 Report

not just any eye dr will do. It needs to be an opthamoligist, especially one who is accustomed to treating eyes of diabetes sufferers.

DCWright60 2013-03-25 09:48:08 -0500 Report

Thanks for the note. I will have to search and try to find one. I will also call my insurance to see if I need a referral.

SandySilvers 2013-03-24 18:23:53 -0500 Report

Then I would definately make an appointment with your eye doctor so that you can rule out retinopathy. You really don't want to take that chance with your sight. You're very welcome. Good luck!

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