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What is considered the best artificial sweetner for a diabetic?

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CHenry9973 2013-03-27 17:12:36 -0500 Report

when I just HAVE to have that extra sweetness, I use nectresse, the box says it is safe for diabetics, but it is made from Erythritol, SUGAR, Monk Fruit Extract and MOLASSES. It's per serving amounts are 0 Calories %daily values are Total Fat 0, Sodium 0, Total Carbohydrates 1% or 2 g, Sugars Less than 1 g, Erythritol 2 g, Protein 0. It is the one in the orange packets and was recommended on the Dr. Oz show. But I am trying to wean myself off sweetners… but being in the south, and sweet tea is the dring of the house. It is hard. Best of luck to you.