how to deal with the lost of a limb due to diabetes?

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name people know that there are times with our diabetes that we somes times have to lost a limb .I know its hard my MOM lost both of her legs 6" below her Knees. at the time i was 15 when she lost her first leg. Then i was 22. But the only that keep my MOM going was her faith in GOD & Reading her 1611 King James Bible. & the Prayers of our church friends at Church of Open Door. Tinkerbell54

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MrMonteno 2014-04-04 01:58:00 -0500 Report

A amputation is not anything someone wishes for, but there are times and instances where it must be done. Being strong in faith and having a good support system does a person good. Sure, you may not understand why "you" were the one who had to loose part of your body but it is said that things happen for a reason. Maybe one day "you" will be able to help another going through the same thing.