Tips and Tricks to Control Food Portions at Home and at Restaurants

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Use your measuring spoons and cups to get and keep your eyes in line with proper portions. If you get used to weighing and measuring food at home it makes it easier for you when you eat out.
Why not use smaller plates and bowls? Less food on smaller plates looks like you have more to eat than you really do. This helps in overfilling your plate.
Don't serve family style. This makes all of us want to get that second helping on our plate. Take all the leftovers and put in frig before you start to eat so you will not be tempted.
When we eat out, steer clear of portion sizes that are large, giant, grande, supreme…instead look for small, junior, single, queen, or regular.
Avoid all you can eat buffets or resturants. They will definitely encourage overeating. Opt for smaller amounts of tasty food. Be creative with your choices. Split, share with others or take some home in order the eat the portion you need. If you take home some of your meal and have a rerun, you can double your pleasure by enjoying your leftovers when you are truly hungry again.
When you buy produce like fruits and vegetables, buy the smallest you can and this way you won't overeat.When you buy meat, fish or poultry don't buy too much..After all, when we cheat on the portion sizes we hurt no one but ourselves.

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