From Why are Americans Getting So Little in Return for the Highest Medical Bills on the Planet?

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The US spends more on health care than the next 10 biggest spenders combined: Japan, Germany, France, China, the U.K., Italy, Canada, Brazil, Spain and Australia
Hospital costs are a leading cause of the $750 billion Americans overspend each year on health care
By dissecting the medical bills people have received, journalist, Time Magazine writer and author, Steven Brill, says we can see exactly how and why we are overspending and where the money is going. Americans are being grossly overcharged; even nonprofit hospitals are making greater profits than some prosperous for-profit businesses, and hospital presidents and department heads can make upwards of $2-4 million in annual salary
The entire system unfairly affect the poor and uninsured as they are charged the FULL inflated price while those with insurance have their costs radically reduced through pre-negotiated lowered rates. Hospitals get away with this nonsense while physicians would go to jail if they had charged separately like this. A so-called medical-billing advocate can help you not only read and understand the content of your bills, but also negotiate with the hospital to reduce the charges
If the U.S. health care system was a country, it would be the 6th largest economy on the entire planet. The losers are the patients; approximately 60 percent of all personal bankruptcies in the United States are related to exorbitant medical bills

The above is more of a synopsis of the article read and see the videos in this article in the link provided here ~

Hopefully you can see about how to negotiate with hospitals to lower your cost of care after a hospital stay.

Of course the best way to save money on hospital stays is to live a life which minimizes the risk of falling into medical problems in the first place.

To your improving health , physical and financial,

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