Running Half Marathon tomorrow - what about you?

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Tomorrow morning I'm greeting the day running the Team Ortho Triple 7k Irish day run. That's a half marathon by the way. The issue is this will be my longest run with my new tSlim pump. I've been using it now for 10 days. And I'm new to pumping.

So of course I'm a bit worried. I've done 8 miles with it so far. I set the Temp basal to 40% an hour before I ran and to go for an hour after I was done. U checked my BS after and it was up to 145. But later it dropped to 63.

So my plan is to cut back a to 40% again but 1.5 hours before. It should take me 2:15 to 2:25 to run it. I'll check at the 7 mile turnaround to see where I'm at. But at the end of the run I plan to set it to 60% for 1.5 after. I'll have a Protein/Carb snack as well. And hope to control the low this time.

It's amazing how we all have to experiment - read blogs of what others do - research - be wary - be brave - and go out and do what we need to feel a part of something that isn't focused on out issue.

How do you handle such activities? Do you go out and be part of things in the community? Are you adventurous and wanting to take chances to grow?

Lets hear it. Anything you want to say. Anything you want to share. I'd enjoy your conversations.

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red flower lady
red flower lady 2013-03-18 00:17:36 -0500 Report

First, good for you, if it wasn't for a back injury I would be running. Second, sounds like you have a game plan, did you go over it with your dr? Make sure to take glucose gel with you, can attach to arm with velcro band.

Good luck on your run:)