Feeling guilty:(

By canadagirl874 Latest Reply 2013-03-20 20:38:09 -0500
Started 2013-03-15 07:34:28 -0500

Can anyone tell me if they have the feeling of guilt when the cross the line and have one treat of something sweet sometimes the craving wins and I feel guilty:(

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smurfysuzi 2013-03-20 20:38:09 -0500 Report

I am newly diagnosed (a month tomorrow) but I've learned very quickly that telling myself that I should feel bad about needing something sweet occasionally only hurts me. I have searched and done research and talked til my husband told me to shut up and have found that there are lower sugar and lower carb sweets that fulfill that craving. before being diagnosed I practically lived on Dr. Pepper and candy bars, it has been a hard adjustment, but I am doing good. Feel guilty about something thats worth the empotional stress, not about giving in to a craving occasionally.

Gwen214 2013-03-17 14:13:44 -0500 Report

Yes, I use to feel guilty, now I change my food choices to strawberries and whip cream, instead of cookies. I always look at the carb and sugar content, and readjust.

JiMMy DCC 2013-03-15 17:44:12 -0500 Report

I feel you must have these kind of days. It's just plain impossible for most of us to be perfect everyday, every week, every year for life.

So I don't sweat it. I just make sure to always cover what I have. And make sure I keep my works outs normal. I've had what I call a cheat day once a week for 4 years. And I've lost nearly 60lbs doing it. I feel the body needs that change once a week so it never truly adapts to the weekly grind of our lifestyles we lead.

So don't stress. Just enjoy it. But don't keep doing it every day. Just set a routine to include it now and again. I actually work hard the other 6 days on what I eat to have that good cheat day. And I do mean cheat. A doughnut or two for breakfast. Maybe taco's for lunch. And ice cream after dinner. I know your like "Holy cow dude! I can't do that!". But I know what to take for insulin to cover. I never go over 140. And keep my daily average at 95-100.

Good luck… And don't stress the small stuff.

jayabee52 2013-03-15 12:15:57 -0500 Report

Howdy CG

I used to have guilt feelings especially when I BINGED on the sweet treats. Not good for my Blood Glucose (BG) control.

However, since I broke the habit of binging, I have a sweet treat about once a week with no guilt.

I do that so that I don't have feelings of being deprived, which fueled my binging in the first place.

So if you give in to your craving, tell yourself that this is my treat for the week.


grandpuba 2013-03-15 21:28:38 -0500 Report

grandpuba I totally agree about the bingin. feeling guilty:( life is too short. been carb counting for 31 years, binging has probably shortened my life expectancy, but cooking complicated meals fills the same emotional ned that treat eating used to when I was little.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-03-15 11:13:55 -0500 Report

Not at all. I have never seen anything that says a diabetic can't have a sweet treat once in awhile. Why feel guilty?

Acousins 2013-03-15 08:14:35 -0500 Report

No, not anymore… When I first found out that I have blood sugar issues I did… I was so careful not to eat anything but thats not real… I think a little treat now and than is not a problem but just know your limits and always get back on the wagon…

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-03-15 11:15:17 -0500 Report

I never felt guilty because my doctor told me I could have a sweet treat once in a while. However, that doesn't mean I am going to eat an entire pack of cookies or an entire bag of candy.