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Started 2013-03-14 17:54:59 -0500

Not sure if this has anything to do with diabetes but I have been having arm pain in my left arm for a few days. I starts at the tip of my index finger and goes pretty much all the way up my arm. Sometimes it throbs and other times I just don't want to try moving it too much because it aches. My hands have been "falling asleep" or tingling a lot more lately as well! Does anyone have any idea what it could be? :/

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Nick1962 2013-03-15 18:14:19 -0500 Report

I'll agree with raccoon mana below (provided the heart attack thing was ruled out). I get this frequently - especially when stressed or tensioned. For me it's one ore more pinched nerves in my neck (at vertebra C5-T1 to be specific). A chiropractor can pretty much take care of this in one visit.

raccoon mana
raccoon mana 2013-03-14 19:39:56 -0500 Report

it could also be a pinched nerve in your neck. i had that a few years ago in my right arm. but yes, yiu need to get it checked ASAP

jayabee52 2013-03-14 18:28:58 -0500 Report

Howdy KG
There are many possible reasons for that kind of arm pain. If it is your left arm (I know you didn't specify which) It could possibly be a symptom of an impending heart attack. In that case get to an ER ASAP.

Otherwise here is an article from Medline plus which outlines other reasons, some having to do with diabetes and others not. Read it here ~

You will need the help of a Dr to determine what is happening there.

I pray you are not having an attack and that you can find the trouble with a Dr's help.


GabbyPA 2013-03-15 01:09:12 -0500 Report

I agree with James, the first thing I thought was have your heart checked out. Too often we overlook heart symptoms. Now the tingling and falling asleep feeling could be nerve related. I would visit your doctor and let them know what is going on.