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diabetic diva 1975
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I'm type 2 and find it extremely hard to shed weight. Has anyone had any success losing weight while your bg levels are higher than normal?

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diabetic diva 1975
diabetic diva 1975 2013-03-23 23:42:56 -0500 Report

Thanks it continues to be a daily struggle for me and I'm taking it one craving at a time. I'm trying to exercise more and make better food choices.

liquorish 2013-03-23 22:51:37 -0500 Report

I know meds can affect weight loss or gain. So that is an avenue. But what worked for me was this: realizing that I am a valuable and worthy person, loved by the Lord with a wonderful plan for my life. And that DIET is a bad word. It should be life changes. Slowly, changing the way I cooked, and the amounts I ate. I never went hungry, because I would eat extra veggies (not the ones with carbs), or drink flavored drinks, like lemonade made with lemon juice and "diet" sugar. I slowly changed my portion sizes. Always, slow, moderate changes. The one thing I didn't do was exercise. And I wish that I had done that. But when I would plateau, maybe for as much as 4 weeks, i would still be proud, because i did not gain any of the weight back. Be proud of your accomplishments. Be your own rooting section. Lose the weight for yourself, not someone else. Have a lifes goal in mind that you want to do. I wanted to be able to play with my grandkids that I hoped to have, and enjoy retirement with my husband. I wish you luck. Liquorish

June Tademy
June Tademy 2013-03-19 17:38:06 -0500 Report

Boy do I know what you are going through, I had a hard time and gained because of the meds, my endrocronologist took me off Actos after being on for about four years (not sure how long, but a long time) and weight dropped, I also walk almost every day, I was doing that when I was on Actos but nothing would change so my loss was due to meds. But whatever it is do not give up exercise does wonders for the body other than loosing weight, which you will in time, be patient and faithful. Blessings to you and family

MrsClaireB 2013-03-17 11:19:12 -0500 Report

I am at a stand still with weight lose right now diagnosed in 05 . It seems like every time I get to a weight of like 180 I have to wrk harder to get over that hump and it goes back to being easy again but I have had a few loses in the last few yrs to to set me back my cold and flu area is here to that holds me up allergies turn to colds. So I am at a stand still right now working on getting over that hump. Lowering my carbs not by much but changing my workout and state of mind telling myself that I am beautiful inside and out and that what I do is for my self.

tabby9146 2013-03-16 12:07:29 -0500 Report

I have, and I don't know if it works for everyone, but I coud not lose weight before I was diagnosed, afterward from day one, I began to eat much better, cut out lots of things, just lowering the carbs by half or more, the weight just started to come off and I kept exercising everyday for 30 mins. I did fast walking outside on good days or on a treadmill, then I bought a bike and started that, and DVDs of low impact aerobics, but just walking a mile or so to start, is really great. now I am into some kickboxing routines, yoga and pilates , I just keep adding, and yoga is so good for you, and you don't get out of breath with it, but it does help a lot, results are felt as you keep doing the poses. There are different types of yoga, stretches, cardio yoga, power yoga. I like Denise Austin.

tabby9146 2013-03-16 12:10:27 -0500 Report

yes do not give up. I started exercising again, after many yrs of not…which if course led to my diabetes in the first place, but I got a treadmill and for almost 7 months before diagnosis, I got on there for a half hour each day, hard at first, and I did not lose but about one pound in all that time, I did it when I found out my birth father had type 2, his daughter told me and I immediately took action, however it was too late, but I never stppped exercising, cause I could see results, not on the scale but in my clothes, it wasn't until the diet changed completely that results came fast. good luck to you. one you get in the habit of it, those feel good endorphins, you just want that often

Samm317 2013-03-16 09:46:40 -0500 Report

I'm type 1 not type 2, but I put on a lot of weight when we started getting my blood sugars under control and I struggled for years to get my weight back down. What finally ended up working for me was the right balance of diet and exercise. I lost weight right away when I stopped eating meat (just cutting back can help make a difference), I try to get my carbs from whole grains and keep the cards relatively low in general, try to keep the sweets to a minimum, etc. I definitely lost weight when I started eating better, but it wasn't until I started exercising, too, that I really got in shape. That was the hardest part because it was so hard to be consistent! I'd go to the gym all the time when I had extra time and wasn't stressed out but I'd stop going when things started building up. One thing that helps me a lot right now is that my routine has exercise built in: I'm a full time student again and rather than getting a parking or a bus pass to get myself to school, I got a bike. I get about 40 minutes of cardio 5 days a week just getting to and from school. I try to make time for jogging/strength training but I know when I get really stressed out it's not going to happen, which is why for me it's important to have that cardio built in every day. Also, I have found that my body can start to crave the exercise. If I don't get enough, I don't feel right until I get a really good work out. So I think that means that if you can stick with it long enough, it does get easier! You can do it :)

Acousins 2013-03-15 08:17:43 -0500 Report

Yes, I have had some success with weight loss… Since I have been keeping my blood sugar levels under control, I can lose weight… I did have some problems in the beginning but I didnt give up… so hang in there and work out and keep working on your blood sugar numbers Dont give up… also talk with your doctors

draco59 2013-03-14 23:23:32 -0500 Report

Hi, since I started seeing my Endocrinologist,a year ago this month and he change my meds, I've lost 60 lbs so far, but my BS have been steady before and after I stared seeing him. The other meds I was on were keeping from losing weight,even though I went to the gym 5 days a week…

diabetic diva 1975
diabetic diva 1975 2013-03-14 14:22:51 -0500 Report

Thank you all for your Input. It has been very insightful. I do and have exercised alot in the past before moving I was going to zumba classes which I loved and it did help me to lose inches but not weight. I guess I am fixated on lowering the number on the scale. I also had been walking and got an app on my phone for a couch to 5 k program to teach myself to become a jogger. Something I have wanted to do for a long time. I just lost my inspiration because the number on the scale wasn't budging and my bg levels were so high.

tabby9146 2013-03-16 12:12:21 -0500 Report

glad you are not giving up it is doing you a lot of good, even though you might nt see results on the scale yet. key is finding what you like doing. I do not like to run, jog ,or do lots of jumping jacks and jumping around, so I look for routines on You Tube that I really like, the choreography is important to me. Sometimes when I do them enough and know them well, I do not need the sound, I just put my fave music on spotify and go!

EJMac 2013-03-14 14:07:48 -0500 Report

My problem is that it takes a LONG commitment to lose weight. I do well for awhile, then give up. Through the years it's been something that I can't do it unless there is a switch in my brain and I still can't figure out what does it. When the switch is on, it makes it alot easier, but I can't chose to switch it on. Does that make sense? I do focus now on the health rather than looking better reasons. The one point I'd like to make, though ,iis to do it while you can walk or whatever your favorite exercise is. Neuropathy has suddenly come upon me and it is VERY painful to walk. Without that, it makes it even harder to lose. soooooooooo when you got it use it!!!!!!!!

mhcfc13 2013-03-14 13:26:01 -0500 Report

diabetic diva 1975-
Join the club, I have the same issue. I have been diagnosed about 2 mos ago, and have been between 2-6 lbs loss since then, and it fluctuates so much it is frustrating. I had 8 lbs a week or so ago and the next day I am back to the weight I started with.

One thing I need to keep in mind is that muscle weighs more than what we want to burn, so when we fat change to muscle it weighs more, and we do not seem to be observing by the scale a loss. I bought a treadmill because I do not like the cold very well and in Nebraska, winters are cold. I am usually busy with school and work to go someplace to walk, except shopping-but that does not count.

I do know your situation, but do not discount a few factors in weight loss. If you are calorie counting and carb counting, that is one thing. If you are exercising and doing a rigorous workout, that is another. Good luck!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-03-14 12:15:57 -0500 Report

Weight lost takes hard work and perseverance. I eat 1200 calories or less and low carbs. I have lost about 70 lbs so far. My BGs are almost the same every day because I got that under control.

There are no fast weight loss solutions. How a person lose weight by lbs and inches varies in each person. With a diet plan and exercise a person will lose weight.

tabby9146 2013-03-16 12:13:06 -0500 Report

so true, good going Joyce!

tabby9146 2013-03-16 12:14:02 -0500 Report

I am considering a certificate in personal training, or at least fitness and nutrition certificate, got to get the money to get started though. There is even some certificates now available in holistic medicine, might look into that too.

old biker
old biker 2013-03-14 12:07:21 -0500 Report

Including exercise along with a good diet plan is the way to go, when you want to shed those unwanted extra pounds. Plus the exercise will go a long way in bringing your BG levels down. It's a win win situation

davidhogan 2013-03-14 11:18:54 -0500 Report

I can't begin to tell you the many different exercise routines I've tried, along with this diet and that and all with mixed yo-yo results.

We are all different, something I realize more each day and yet…we are all alike in many ways too, so I kept trying and failing until something worked.

For me it was a combination of walking 3 miles a day (that's about an hour at my local walking track),, doing circuit training with resistance bands, and REALLY and I mean REALLY doing portion control on meals as an example I used to have 2nd's and 3rd's and I haven't done that for 2 years now. All the while trying to limit carbs in my food choices.

The results are NOT amazing, but they are healthy as I've lost 30 pounds in a little over a year and I don't WANT for food any more. I have my occasional dessert or salty item, I just do it in moderation.

Best of luck in finding what works for you!

ShellyLargent 2013-03-14 10:00:53 -0500 Report

I've been counting calories and carbs. I eat only about 1300 - 1500 calories per day (approved by my doctor first) and roughly >180g carbs. I've lost about 25 lbs. doing this. I walk 1 - 3 miles a day, depending on weather. If I can't walk outside, I'll either drive to the mall or even make laps around my local Wal-Mart, anything to keep moving. I also belong to Weight Watchers and count points. It's the same idea behind calorie counting, but I go to the meetings a couple of times a week and it really does help to have that in-person support group. I like it a lot better than either Jenny Craig or NutriSystems because there's no special food to buy. I've heard that once people on these two systems get to their goal weight and stop buying the program food, they start to gain back the weight they lost. Weight Watchers teaches you to eat everyday food, just smaller portions and to make healthier choices.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-03-14 09:49:50 -0500 Report

The older we get the harder it is to shed those unwanted pounds. I found that stuff I liked, volleyball and racquetball, were getting too rough on my knees. So now my exercise is walking. Except on days like this where it feels like -10 with the wind! When I do shed a few it has been a combination of careful food intake and increase of exercise. You look like you are 35, lose the weight now and keep it off. Your #'s will drop and you will feel better. Best to you, Jim

diabetic diva 1975
diabetic diva 1975 2013-03-14 08:41:02 -0500 Report

So you just watched what you ate?? No exercise at all?

Nick1962 2013-03-14 09:12:56 -0500 Report

No, I did exercise, but my wife and I went on the same diet at the same time (it was a mini “biggest loser” competition through one of our health care providers), and we both lost the same amount of weight after 12 weeks. She didn’t exercise. We tied as winners, but because I exercised, I decreased my body mass, she didn’t. So, you don’t HAVE to exercise, but it helps lose inches in addition to pounds.

Nick1962 2013-03-14 08:39:29 -0500 Report

As a T2 I managed to lose 100 lbs. It took a while, but it seems that the weight both contributes to the high numbers, and the high numbers contribute to the weight. In the end it’s all about what you’re putting in your mouth.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-03-14 12:19:31 -0500 Report

Nick congrats on the weight loss. I think the problem is far too often people think that weight loss is going to begin over night and you are going to see the results in the morning. As you said, in the end it is all about what you put in your mouth and how much you are putting in it each meal. The downfall to losing weight without exercising is you can have flabby skin. Some people have had to have that removed.

Nick1962 2013-03-14 15:11:18 -0500 Report

Thanks Joyce. I agree people seem to have the notion it can be done easily and quickly like in those (insert weight loss program here) commercials. Truth is, in many of those commercials, the after pictures of the girl proudly sporting her figure in her new bikini after losing 20 pounds in just 6 weeks really didn’t have a weight issue, more of a vanity issue, and that 20 pounds she lost was “laziness fat” – the fat you get when you just “let yourself go” a few years. Not a wrinkle or sag in sight which just bugs the bejerzers out of me. Luckily much of me did spring into a reasonable shape, but there are a few areas I could get tucked or lifted if I had the money. Luckily they’re all hidden by clothing.