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diabetic diva 1975
By diabetic diva 1975 Latest Reply 2013-03-27 17:33:13 -0500
Started 2013-03-14 08:15:58 -0500

Ok I'm going to throw this out there because I'm wondering if this could be linked with diabetes. I have trouble sleeping. Well really with being able to fall asleep. I just can't seem to ram my brain into neutral so that I can drift off. Does anyone else struggle with this?

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CHenry9973 2013-03-27 17:33:13 -0500 Report

I have been having that same problem, but I blamed it on my sleep aphenia (or however it is spelt). I am in a spell of staying up all night getting a couple hours of sleep and going on. Then when I get weak I blame it on my mysethemia gravis. So many things to choose from. Would be happy to learn it is my diabeties, because it is the easiest to control.

diabetic diva 1975
diabetic diva 1975 2013-03-20 22:19:29 -0500 Report

I will do the same stay awake for days at a time then crash for a night or two but I still need to take Advil nighttime to force my body to fall asleep. It's so frustrating.

Emartin871 2013-03-17 09:15:46 -0500 Report

I have the same problem with sleeping I'm on my 6 day that I don't fall asleep till 5:30 then wake up at 7 - 7:30 and I won't feel tired.

Debbiejf 2013-03-16 05:11:35 -0500 Report

In about the last 4 years I had trouble staying alseep and started a low dosage sleeping pill worked great. In the last 2 years I'm either struggling to fall asleep or am only sleeping for a couple of hours—-guess what? This latest sleeping dilemma is one of the many issues of menopause :(. The spurts sound familiar as there are some nights I can sleep for about 7-8 hours and others where I'm luckiy to sleep 2. When that happens I force myself to stay in bed and at least get physical rest because if I don't I have to deal with painful swollen feet and ankles. Ask you dr to check your hormone levels and possibly your thyroid. Good luck :)

diabetic diva 1975
diabetic diva 1975 2013-03-16 01:28:14 -0500 Report

I seem to go in spurts where I will sleep for a few nights then I don't sleep well or more than a couple hours a night or not at all alternating patterns. I have been like this since moving in oct. we did cross time zones but I should be adjusted by now. I went to the dr and was given prescription meds for sleeping which really didn't help. I used Advil night time which worked for a little while but now that's not working either.

berryj09 2013-03-20 21:43:54 -0500 Report

Yea I've been having that problem for a year now. There be days where ill only sleep for 5 hours. One week I only sleep 15 hours, I don't even know how I stayed up at work. Some days ill be lucky to even get a full night sleep, but now its just atleast 3-4 hours and I don't even feel tired. Just yesterday I fell asleep at 11 but woke up at 4 and could not fall back to sleep. Maybe it is a whole lot of thoughts that run through my mind, as far as what diet I'm in, lets just say it shouldnt be the cause for me not being able to sleep like I should.

jayabee52 2013-03-14 11:00:38 -0500 Report

Yep I have ADHD and it affects my sleep patterns too. My mind just races from one thought to another so rapidly. I don't lay in bed more than 15 minutes trying to fall asleep but I will instead get up and jump on my computer for a game of spider solitaire or dominoes. That kinda stops the hyperactivity in my mind and after about 30 to 45 minutes of game playing I am usually pretty drowsy, and can fall asleep fairly easily.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2013-03-14 09:55:19 -0500 Report

Well DD75, everything is linked to your diabetes. I use a CPAP machine and an generally out in 15-20 minutes. I have changed a few things. 1) no caffenine after 3:00PM. (remember, ttea has it in it, unless it says it doesn't) 2) I do not have a TV! When we did I would replay the shows in my mind. 3) I started taking 1 Melatone at night about 7:00. Now the only time it bothers me is if I am really stressed. Hope some of these help. Jim

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