Huffington Post Article On New Healthcare Changes - posted 3/13/13

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Many of us who live with diabetes are following the new healthcare changes closely. This article was about applying for coverage under the new guide lines. Very interesting, but I was concerned by the following quote:
"Because of opposition to the health care law in some states, the federal government will run the new insurance markets in about half the states. And states that reject the law's Medicaid expansion will be left with large numbers of poor people uninsured".
Are some to remain uninsured because of their States choice?

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GabbyPA 2013-03-15 01:43:06 -0500 Report

I take Huffington with a grain of salt, but it is true that some states are slated to reject the intrusion of the federal government in the state laws. One of the biggest reasons is that the federal government will be giving the states "free" money for adding to their Medicaid rolls. However, that money is only temporary and once that funding runs out, the states will be left with the bills to make up the money the fed no longer provides, thus bankrupting the states and causing them to drop the medicaid rolls eventually anyway.

It is dicey and if you live in a state that is fighting the health care law, you want to get the facts of how your state is dealing with it. I live in Florida, and our Governor is fighting it.

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