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Hi everyone!! I have been on here reading everthing, but it seems as though my problem is a little different. I became diabetic after I had a kidney transplant. My B/s are under control, but I stay hungery all the time now. Help

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My guess is that the fasted way to fill yourself up, and safest, is to take a drink of water; although it does depend on how your restrictions are with the kidney. My husband had to cut way down on liquids because of he only had one kidney, and it was no longer working, I do not know about after transplant,unfortunately, he did not make it through the operation. I wish I knew how else to help, but all I know is a glass of water can fill you. Sure hope it will help, oh, or chew on ice cubes.

SkipT 2008-12-06 12:15:08 -0600 Report

The primary reason you are hungry all of the time is that you probably don't eat enough good fat. Fat makes you full and curbs hunger. We all have been misled to believe that fat is bad for us. There is good fat and bad fat.
This article will explain it in more detail for you.

highlandcitygirl 2008-12-06 11:18:45 -0600 Report

i have pre-diabetes,or as some call it"metoblic syndrome" and i constantly feel hungry all the time, i too would like to know if anyone else is having this problem. almost impossible for me to lose weight.

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