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What are the things you like and don't like?

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Suzif 2011-08-25 11:17:57 -0500 Report

I like the site, but often the title in the e-mail I receive has nothing to do with the content when I enter the site. Today the e-mail said something about diabetes and oral health. When I opened the site, there was nothing at all about that topic. Why??

highlandcitygirl 2009-01-05 12:33:55 -0600 Report

i like diabetic connect because i get help learning and help emotionally! it is comforting to have people that understand the depression that often accompanies the stress and illness of diabetic complications!

Meridian - 26751
Meridian - 26751 2008-12-28 11:57:28 -0600 Report

With the exception of the very, very, infrequent rude comments, I find this site to be extremely uplifting and beneficial. I have met a lot of nice people on here. It is my honor to call you my friends. Thank You.

2catty 2008-12-28 14:11:16 -0600 Report

I agree with you 100% Meridian. This site is very uplifting and very beneficial with the exception of the occasional rudeness. My friends on here are great.

2009-01-05 12:08:40 -0600 Report

Ditto. I have met tons of super people on Diabetic Connect. I do feel that some of the posts are not helpful, however, the vast majority are very helpful. I've learned to skip over the posts that I know have no valid point and do not help others. I'm thankful for the true friends I have met here and all the valuable information I have learned. Take care, Angie

sexyswamprat 2008-12-20 13:38:49 -0600 Report

I love everything, The people I meet, the information, the recipes, the passion people feel about having diabetes and how it effects their life, the humorous stories, the huge out pour of support in times of tragedy(thanks everyone). I could go on forever. This site is truley like having a second family. And I don't know about you but you can never have to much family.

Richard157 2008-12-17 20:37:29 -0600 Report

I am addressing the individual who has made so many rude and out of line remarks on this and other threads. If you cannot say anything nice then say nothing at all. That is the way I operate but I am making an exception in this instance. Your comments leave me with a very negative feeling and sometimes I leave this site and post elsewhere after reading your remarks. I do not know anyone on my other sites who behaves this way.

Meridian - 26751
Meridian - 26751 2008-12-18 07:08:09 -0600 Report

Good for you Richard. Whoever it is making the rude comments must either be a young kid or a very immature adult with some very serious issues. I agree their comments have no place on a site that is trying to help people who need help. There is more than enough negativism in the world. Let this site be a respite from the outside world. Refreshing and uplifting. A site of friends helping friends.

Meridian - 26751
Meridian - 26751 2008-12-14 13:26:18 -0600 Report

I like the fact that I can connect with other folks who have similar conditions. If we post and repost the same topics for the sole purpose of connecting with our newly acquired friends…then so be it. Sometimes a person just needs to put his or her feelings down in print to get them out of their heads and to see if others are experiencing the same things. If there are naysayers out there that are afraid we are rehashing old topics I believe they are in the wrong place and should go forth and suffer in silence. Leave the rest of us alone and let us deal with our diabetes in a way we find therapeutic. By the way, why is this person sending his/her reply as anonymous?

highlandcitygirl 2008-12-14 13:34:55 -0600 Report

you got it right brother, sometimes a thing gets a hold of my mind and i have to talk about it a lot to get any relief. trouble is my family live in a different space warp than me. so i hash it over with the ones on this site who will put up with me!

Anonymous 2008-12-14 13:45:10 -0600 Report

There are several people on here using anonymous as a privacy feature but there are some I have noticed using it when they want to be mean or rude. I have been using it for quite some time because of personal reasons. I am not using it to be mean or nasty. I do not know how we can tell the diffeence but just wanted to let you all know that the mean comments on here are not mine. I have tried to be very polite in my posts and to be helpful and informative. Those that actually know me, know the reason for the anonymous and know I am not the "mean" one.

2catty 2008-12-14 13:49:44 -0600 Report

It is o.k. we can totally tell the difference between your posts and the one who likes the drama. Their is a big difference. For one yours are not always trying to start something. But thank you for trying to separate yourself from the one that does.

Meridian - 26751
Meridian - 26751 2008-12-14 13:55:15 -0600 Report

I understand wanting to remain anonymous for the purpose of remaining private, but when used for nasty comments it just shows they are ashamed of what they are saying.

daniel velazco
daniel velazco 2008-12-14 18:56:21 -0600 Report

I know that you are not the one with the nasty comments. The way to tell is that the other anonymous uses the privacy
manager. So I can see the difference. As
I see it there is no reason to get nasty here. We are suppose to be friends and
and support each other as we discuss our conditions.

highlandcitygirl 2008-12-12 11:46:19 -0600 Report

when my computer took a dump for two days, i was glad when i got my new one, so i could get back to the site and join in with the teaching,learning, and the fellowship.

gma 2008-12-12 19:34:55 -0600 Report

I dont care what the anonymous person says i like this site it has helped me everyone is entitled to there opion that is what this site is for and no matter what someone writes I find something to remember out of it it keeps me or should I say this site helps me stay in control

highlandcitygirl 2008-12-12 19:44:20 -0600 Report

i haven't had so much fun, since the hogs ate my brother!!!!

gma 2008-12-12 20:15:05 -0600 Report

sorry I ment to post the comment under the one by anonymous I am still trying to get things rite on here but I like what you say you have a happy adtude on things oh yea forgot to tell ya I cant spell either

daniel velazco
daniel velazco 2008-12-13 18:37:58 -0600 Report

I really enjoy this and all the information and support you get here.
I was really greatful to all the ptayers from veryone on this site during a time of the lost of a son. This site is not only about diabties but of friendship and fellowship. Thats why I love this site. And iane you keep on posting , as I have told you before I enjoy reading your postings.

Goddess 2008-12-17 10:47:16 -0600 Report


I know it must be hard on you.My prayers are with you.I am glad to have my friend back.


highlandcitygirl 2008-12-13 19:20:51 -0600 Report

i knew where you meant it to be! your spelling is just fine and dandy. i love the people on this site! bless their little pea-pickn' hearts. each one of you are unique and wonderful, in your own way.

Goddess 2008-12-09 06:12:28 -0600 Report

What a wonderful place to be. You have a variety of discussions which is great.

Goddess 2008-12-09 18:05:16 -0600 Report

What an awesome place to be. You have the serious stuff and also the lighter side of it. That is why I'm here.

Anonymous 2008-12-10 10:58:36 -0600 Report

I agree with you Goddess this is an awesome place to be.

Anonymous 2008-12-12 08:08:19 -0600 Report

Think about what your need to keep things going all the time??? Why is that?? You like the trouble it causes?? WHY don't you just STOP!!! Or maybe you have nothing else too talk about. I am sick of it!!! Grow up

Goddess 2008-12-12 09:49:04 -0600 Report

Just ignore the above. They are playing childish games. How did you find the site? Do you like it?

highlandcitygirl 2008-12-07 16:35:19 -0600 Report

i like diabetic connect so very much! i think one of the reasons i like it.is the love and tolerence we have for one another. all the helpful information that comes forth and the caring about each other when we are having a problem. people on this site have prayed for me when i needed it, as i could not get hold of my church pastors. i would have been lost in fear if you guys had not been here for me. it didn't have a thing to do with diabetes,but it was a coming to the aid of someone that needed it. thank you my friends of diabetic connect.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2008-12-07 16:41:08 -0600 Report

I agree that the prayers and support are wonderful, and something that we need to continue. However, this is not a "social" site, as such - like dating sites, Facebook, etc. - but is to help and encourage those of us dealing with diabetes. I personally do not think that all the birthday posts and other meaningless and silly posts (repeats, trying to start troubles, etc.) are appropriate, needed or wanted. I don't think I'm alone, as I see many other comments to this effect. Just my personal opinion, however, for what it's worth. I am here for anyone who needs me or needs my prayers. That is an important part of this site.

Goddess 2008-12-07 16:32:37 -0600 Report

Hello Amy and John. You have done a terrific job with this site. Thank you for everything.

Richard157 2008-12-17 20:45:33 -0600 Report

Yes Diane, Amy and John have done a teriffic job here. I like this site very much. It is one of the friendlier sites I have joined. Some sites are not very friendly at all. They leave me cold. There are some very informative topics/threads here. I like the chatty topics too. It is all very good as long as we are nice to each other and create an atmosphere that makes us feel good and makes visitors want to join and stick with us.


Goddess 2008-12-07 15:39:07 -0600 Report

I am here to stay because I want to and so do my friends.

Anonymous 2008-12-07 15:44:54 -0600 Report

What are you talkign about and who are you talking too. No one said anything about going, stayong or leaving. Are we going to go through all of that again? You are a vital part of this site, why do you always think someone wants you to leave. God knows you have a hundred discussions on here you started that people have repsonded to. that should make yiou feel wanted at least. But it never does.

Anonymous 2008-12-07 14:55:45 -0600 Report

someone wrote this discussion a couple of days ago; you need to read before you type.

Anonymous 2008-12-07 15:34:20 -0600 Report

There are so many discussions that are repeated over and over. There is a whole page of birthdays. I made a suggetion earlier that wondered if after awhile the discussions with no replies could be removed. It would clean up these discussions so much. There are so many like that old and older.

2008-12-07 14:46:55 -0600 Report

You know you are so right; I wanted to say that because I have delete so many posts about 6hrs to a day after I posted because Someone has posted the exact same thing. I don't know why, but it is annoying and makes me look like a fool, unless you check out the time, then you know who posted first. Some things I post deliberately, tho, just to get back to the diabetic topics, at least for newcomers.

Anonymous 2008-12-07 15:36:24 -0600 Report

There is something about the time thing. Mine is never right. It says it is pm when it is am. does anyine know how to fix it, or what time zone is it on or even what country because mine is way off.

Goddess 2008-12-07 10:55:25 -0600 Report

I am here for the information. But for me all the friendships I have made are another I like this site.

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