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I feel like I'm gonna start crying, because I am os happy, excited, and kinda nervous at the same time. I am gonna have catract surgery. It's gonna be on the 27th, at 8:30 AM. 2013 is a change for my eyes. But I just hope that I won't loose my vision. Without it, I don't know what I will do.

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Set apart
Set apart 2013-03-15 05:09:15 -0500 Report

My dad just had surgery in January and is doing a lot better. His vision improved and had no problems. Good luck, keep us updated.

Lentyl 2013-03-12 03:32:09 -0500 Report

I had surgery for cataract removal on my left eye in October 2011 and on my right eye in September 2012. My vision was fine right away. It was a 20 minute procedure each time and absolutely no problems. You will be fine too.

Kirk H
Kirk H 2013-03-11 18:30:04 -0500 Report

Both my brothers had cataract surgery within the last 10 years, my dad had the surgery way back in the 50's…the operation is a lot simpler and easier to recover from now. Good luck you will be fine

Gwen214 2013-03-11 16:55:46 -0500 Report

Congratulations! My dad is Type 2 and received the surgery a few years back, and eye sight is soooo much better. I'm happy for you! It's okay to cry.

raccoon mana
raccoon mana 2013-03-11 16:35:46 -0500 Report

my mom just had both eyes done. no pain, couple months of eye drops and the best thing is: no more glasses. so be positive, things will be fine.

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