Is this Neuropathy

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I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes around 3 years ago. I recently have been noticing the numbing of the feet and hands but it started moving up my legs and arms about 3 days ago. My lips and tongue and inside of mouth are numb also. Within 5 hours it had covered my body and my speech was slurred for about an hour. It then subsided. I also have been having hot flashes about every 15 minutes or so. I had gone to the emergency room, there diagnoses was neuropathy and menopause. And was sent home with no remedy. Does anyone else have these symptoms? Is there any answers for me?

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kittenpurr1 2013-03-11 22:27:00 -0500 Report

See your doctor, especially about the speech. Tell your doctor everything, but it's important you tell your doctor about the speech, that's important!

GabbyPA 2013-03-11 20:29:38 -0500 Report

I would go to your doctor and talk to them. There are symptoms you mention that are a little more worrisome. What kind of numbers were you having when this was going on?

manapua72 2013-03-11 10:34:41 -0500 Report

So emergency room personnel tell you it's neuropathy , well most likely it is … Do u have a doctor you could see and get diagnosed from ??? Lyrica might help with symptoms ( pain ) you will need prescription from a doctor … No cure that I no off for neuropathy but numerous medications help and lowering your blood sugar helps too … You need to go see a doctor …