When to take insulin?

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I was recently put on a sliding scale dosage for insulin when i was hospitalized for Bronchitis-i was put on Prednisone to help my lungs but it causes my blood sugar levels to rise. I check my blood sugar before i eat and my levels are below 175 which means no shot but 2 hours after eating i recheck my blood sugar and my levels are in the 300s. I dont know if i should take my insulin now or what to do. My heart feels likr its racing and im dizzy and headachy. When i called the hospital to ask they would not help. Any info would help. I really dont want to go back to the hospital.

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manapua72 2013-03-11 01:37:10 -0500 Report

Take it when your doctor tells u to … Prior to pump . I took a fast acting insulin before all meals … Then when that didnt seem to work so well I would also take insulin two hours after eating … I also took a long acting at night and the morning too … All as my doctor ordered …

Stuart1966 2013-03-10 18:50:19 -0500 Report

Hello Kerri:

Call your primary doctor!

Find out what THEY want you to use in terms of correction dosages. At the moment things are going to be waaaaaaay out of whack, because of the steroids you NEED to fix the massive bronchitis you still have…

Once that is "squared away" better, for a longer time… the numbers will behave better. Right now, hang on and treat very conservatively. This is sick day 101 kind of stuff. You have to give the meds time to work. You at same time have to lower the blood sugar so your healing will happen faster.

Call the doctor, and give them a heads up EXACTLY what's going on. Sounds like pretty normal stuff, had lung issues more than a couple times before. Its going to take some time for your body to feel human…

As for the "when" part of your question, the basic rule of thumb about injected insulin… short acting insulins will vary a little bit, but in general BEFORE you eat a meal, (the actual putting the food in your mouth part) you get a test reading and using the basic dosage formula, figure out how much insulin is required to get you to your target number/range.

Once you have that calculation worked out, then figure out the quantity and nutritional information of the food you are going to eat. A piece of toast, a half a banana, some eggs, whatever the meal is… whatever you eat you figure out whether it has 40 carbs or 10 carbs and add that dosage to the original dose of insulin which you hope-believe will achieve your ideal target level/range. Diabetic math.

Different insulin(s) lasts somewhat longer. With the steroids you're taking, I'd be amazed if you were not "high" for some time and you can't stop the steroids. You are testing 2 hours after your meal because by then, you can see if the insulin dosage was enough or not. IF you're a lot higher than you want for a couple days in a row, you tweak the dose, add some X (minimal) amount, and see what that does for you.

Annoying but not hard past a certain point.