cirrhosis and type 1 diabetes

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My husband's health has been declining especially over the past year. He has stage 4 liver disease with cirrhosis and has uncontrolled diabetes.His cirrhosis is actually caused by his diabetes.A couple of months ago the doctor said she believed his pancreas has completely stopped working.This past month his glucose machine is unable to read because its too high.I know that means at least 600.We understand that it is very dangerous but we have no insurance and where we live the hospital just doesn't help soo much .Its a very scary time for us and I feel very helpless because of how sick his body really is.Unfortunately there no cure for the cirrhosis.He is getting to the point he's tired of fighting and feeling pretty discouraged with it all :(

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manapua72 2013-03-09 22:54:34 -0600 Report

Is he on meds for his diabetes … Is he counting carbs and watching what he eats ??? Does he exercise at all ??? I hope you can find some help for him …

karenalb 2013-03-10 20:36:24 -0500 Report

Yes he is on 2 types of insulin and blood pressure medicine.He has lost a lot of his appitite due to the cirrhosis.As far as exercise he's really not physically able to do much because of the pain he is in.

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