Neuropathy - Does it come on all of a sudden?

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I was just fine with walking and when I started the daily walking on the treadmill in Jan the BACKS of my heels got very sore. I was walking stiff-legged to reduce the pain. The GP said that "my cords" were very tight and to start daily stretching and icing of the area. I walk alot and it has begun to be very painful-sore. Not burning at all. My bood sugars had been running high for awhile. If I can't walk anymore I will be in bog trouble cause it is the only exercise I do and I enjoy it especially outside. Does it ever get better with time? I see the Endo one more time before we leave for camphosting and I hope he can give me some answers. GP also told me to get orthodics.

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-03-10 16:58:39 -0500 Report

Unfortunately this can become a problem at anytime. I had that problem when I was first diagnosed. I thought someone was hammering nails in the bottoms of my feet. By the time I went for my second visit I had found out about diabetic neuropothy. It was very painful to walk. My doctor told me to first get my sugar levels under control and to let my body get used to the metformin before he introduced a new drug into my regimen. I went and bought a pair of well cushioned cross training tennis shoes that did a fabulous job. Once my sugar levels were in better control, I noticed the pain wasn't as bad. It eventually went away. Now the only time I have neuropathy, is when my blood sugar rises.

I saw a podiatrist and asked about orthodics and he told me I didn't need them as long as I was wearing well cushioned leather shoes and to avoid heels when I had pain. I also wear diabetic socks which are great for walking. I walk a lot and have not been in pain as much as I was and I can go months without having any pain. Good luck and have fun camphosting.

lorider70 2013-03-09 20:23:23 -0600 Report

Hoping you find ways around the pain and discomfort. Leg pain was one of my co,mplaints when first diagnosed in 1989; it has never been resolved and has just become another part of my day. A late diagnosis is what i blame it on. The last few years, walking has become increasingly difficult, and I now use a cane most of the time. As I mentioned, late diagnosis was the culprit I believe. I do use orthotics in all shoes and visit a podiatrist regularly in addition to my "regular" physician.

locarb 2013-03-09 17:28:54 -0600 Report

I hope to be the bearer of bad news, and I want to initially reiterate that each one of us are biochemically unique; however, my experience has been just the opposite. You may want to consider using a recumbent bicycle. You can set it to various settings and still get cardio exercise, warm your muscles and joints and be able to continue exercising. This has worked for me.

The only other thing that I can tell you is that one part of my leg in particular hurt all the time. It was my left thigh. I have subsequently learned that is the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve and it's function is sensory. It weaves from your lower back and essentially through your hip socket. I am in the process of acupuncture and I've had unbelievable success with it. I go hours at a time with absolutely no pain at all. Unfortunately, I won't have the same luck with the rest of my leg pains and neruopathy is more complex that this, but the relief has been miraculous.

Orthotics help too. They are far superior to the store bought brands.

Good luck. I honestly understand what you're going through.

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