The History of Diabetes

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People have been aware of diabetes for thousands of years. Learn how discoveries over the ages have led to today's understanding of diabetes.
By Krisha McCoy, MS
Medically reviewed by Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH

By Everyday Health

Scientists and physicians have been documenting the condition now known as diabetes for thousands of years. From the origins of its discovery to the dramatic breakthroughs in its treatment, many brilliant minds have played a part in the fascinating history of diabetes.

Diabetes: Its Beginnings

The first known mention of diabetes symptoms was in 1552 B.C., when Hesy-Ra, an Egyptian physician, documented frequent urination as a symptom of a mysterious disease that also caused emaciation. Also around this time, ancient healers noted that ants seemed to be attracted to the urine of people who had this disease.

In 150 AD, the Greek physician Arateus described what we now call diabetes as "the melting down of flesh and limbs into urine." From then on, physicians began to gain a better understanding about diabetes. Read more

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Gabby this stuff is so interesting. Thank you for sharing. How do you find all this info.?

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I read a bunch of newsletters. Sometimes I get one thing and it leads to another. There is a lot of stuff out there.

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