A Good Drink for Diabetics

Sydney's Mom
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Started 2013-03-05 00:22:34 -0600

I've heard that diet sodas are not good for diabetics, the acid in the soda will damage the lining of your stomach, besides plain water, what else is a good drink for a diabetic?

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tabby9146 2013-03-09 12:23:16 -0600 Report

sodas are the one thing the diabetes educators told us in class to completely stay away from and not to drink too much diet soda. I stay away from diet soda now completely. I do believe it is not good at all. tea is good, they say green tea has more antioxidants. I sometimes use Crystal Light "pure" it says it has no artificial sweeteners, I love it. I like to put fresh lemon juice in my water, sometimes lemon and lime juice.

MC_Haynes 2013-03-07 12:51:56 -0600 Report

Tea is always a good one. Also, you can get water and add cucumber or other fruit in it to switch up the flavor.

Stuart1966 2013-03-07 11:21:30 -0600 Report

Old milk, OJ that hasn't quite turned (yet), water, coffee, tea… the honest truth is there is absolutely nothing she cannot have PROVIDED she knows what it is… covers when/if necessary.

Myself I found Trop50 not too long ago. Liked it, and didn't have to worry about the massive empty carbs the full OJ would have cost me. Still covered, but not nearly as much.

Learned to love TEA many years ago, but only recently (literally) tried iced tea for the first time. If you're seeking a "goto drink" for her… Id suggest DIET Snapple? Easily available, not "unusual" or create any self consciousness getting it.

My teenage kids love the Soda Stream. They can make absolutely any flavor they want, and carbonate or not, if they prefer.

Carbonated seltzer comes in lots of flavors. If you want to increase the taste to either, add a splash of fruit juice, lemon, lime, or the "Mio" water flavoring if you prefer. Just be careful you don't get the Mio's ENERGY flavors, as they are massive caffeine, which won't hurt her, but will be a nasty surprise when trying to sleep afterwards…

Help any?

diabetic diva 1975
diabetic diva 1975 2013-03-06 22:05:42 -0600 Report

I drink alot of crystal light singles mixed with water. A sneaky way to get myself to drink water as I have trouble getting the required amount of h2o daily. There are alot of different flavors and you can just throw a few in your purse to have with you.

jimLE 2013-03-05 07:49:32 -0600 Report

my mom gets iced tea with lemon drink mix in a powder form.and there's 10 packets to a box.and if i remember right,there's other flavors of the drink mix as well..she seems to like the flavor quiet a bit.and it has 5 calories

raccoon mana
raccoon mana 2013-03-05 05:46:10 -0600 Report

MIO is an excellent choice. but yes do watch out for MIO energy. it does containn caffeine. walmart also has some good flavor enhancers similar to MIO. i also add lemon or lime to my water to help flavor it.

jayabee52 2013-03-05 01:53:36 -0600 Report

Not all diet sodas have acid in them. I haven't heard about them damaging the lining of your stomach either. (Stomachs are full of acids, so perhaps that concern is overblown) Acid erosion of enamel on the teeth is another matter, however.

However I would not recommend any soda due to their sweetness factor which triggers hunger when the Blood glucose does not rise.

If one must drink something other than water, I have enjoyed the MiO water enhancers. Just be sure you don't get those Mio enhancers which have caffine in them, or you might be kept awake by the caffine buzz.