Diabetic neuropathy

big bad wolf
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I have had a rough couple of years! It seemed to all go downhill once I went to the hospital for pancreatitis. I was hospitalized for 12 days and out of work for 2 months. They could not diagnose a cause since I am not a drinker. My triglycerides were at 500 and it didn't appear that I had gallstones.

A few months after being released from the hospital I still felt exhausted. I have never been myself since. I started to have severe pains in my right upper abdomen. I went to my doctor and I was told I had an inflamed gall bladder. It was removed 2 weeks later and it had several small stones conducive to pancreatitis.

I still didn't feel much better because I had a kidney stone lodged in my ureter just above my bladder. A week later it was surgically removed.

I tried hard to control my diet and became a work out machine. I was feeling better and better… Until one day I was having trouble breathing. I have asthma so my doctor recommended breathing treatments. I started using my nebulizer daily, but my breathing was only better for a short time . I had to leave work and went to prime care. After an echo I was told I had congestive heart failure. I felt like giving up!!!!!

I was limited in my activities for about 6 months and undergoing extensive testing to be told it was a virus that attacked my heart. Doctors just kept telling me I was having unusually bad luck.

I started having weird pains in my hands and feet, so I was off to another blood test. My doctor had me come in immediately because my a1c was 11.9, cholesterol was 600+, triglycerides 6000+, fasting blood sugar 372!!!. I had to start insulin injections and have struggled with my numbers being all over the place while eating good…

I was given cymbalta for pain and depression, lyrica for pain 150 mg/3 day plus humalog and lantus.

My pain had become unbeatable and walking is even painful. The pain is always there, ALWAYS!!!

I was sent to a neurologist to be tested. It was determined I had diabetic neuropathy. I have missed a ton of work, my doc increased my FMLA and I had used ever bit plus more. I fear the job I have had for the last 18 years will be lost.

Has anybody else experienced anything like this. I am 44 and feel like I'm 80!!!

I struggle a lot with depression and this pain is too much. I need somthing better for the pain, the lyrica seems to barely work.

I feel useless and lost. I need help, I'm losing it :(

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Emartin871 2013-03-03 16:33:36 -0600 Report

I was overweight most of my life toping in at 485lbs never had anything wrong till I started losing now down to 235lbs suffering 2 heart attacks type 1 diabetic diabetic neuropathy in my hands and feet have I'm half blind in 1 eye and now need back surgery the worst is the pain so I know how you feel but I will not let it beat me

mmccance 2013-03-03 12:55:07 -0600 Report

Hi BBW. I feel for you. You've had a quite a few things heaping one upon another. I know how I feel when I find out I've got some new thing wrong. I get anxious and that may be what you, too, are experiencing, along with frustration and a whole lot of pain that other people do not understand.

By the name you chose for yourself, I believe you may be one of those big strong brave guys who has always done things "on his own" and does not normally need help from others, including God. I'm a woman, and I am the same way — Odd, I know, but I was raised with three brothers and they had an influence on me! When you've been strong and independent all your life, it is a hard pill to take that, suddenly, for no apparent reason, you NOW have to change "who you are" in order to cope with this very different life scenario. And this is probably one that you never even considered before, so you had no plan for it. It is like being out in left field with no idea why the coach put you there. Trying to understand "why you're in left field" will only lead you in circles. Playing your best, in left field where you are, will give you new purpose and your life will be as fullfilling as it was before.

You've been doing all the right things by seeing your doctors and getting the right treatments and doing what they tell you to do, and now dealing with the pain and even sharing your struggle here.

I believe it is unlawful for your company to not keep a job open for you — depending on the size of the company. It may not be the same job you did, but you should still have a job. I am not sure what the time limits on that are, so you may want to simply find the FMLA sight and read what it says about that. Knowledge is power, and it will help you make plans, and seek the right alternatives for you.

You may also be a candidate for Social Security Disability. All you have to do is apply. If you are meticulous with sharing your records with them, you will be given enough to live on — based on your work history. Check out the SSD site and read about it. You can even apply online. I applied online and it took about six months to get approved. If you pay close attention to what they want and give it to them as fast as you can, they are more than willing to help you out.

Make sure you are seeing and talking to a doctor for your depression. That will be helpful in the process. And it may make a difference in your mind set, too.

BBW. You are not useless. You just need to find your new use. Your old one fit the life picture you had for yourself before all this happened. You have a very different life scenario now and adjusting your mindset and accepting that you cannot change what has happened to you, will go a long way to helping you feel better about yourself. Look for the things you CAN do, and leave the ones you CAN'T in "the box." You may be able to get your doctor to prescribe some water aerobics or swimming as therapy and it might make a big difference in how you feel, both physically and mentally.

No one can do it all alone. You and me and all of us… we need other people and sometimes we need their help. You don't have to lose face to accept help. Did you ever think that if some one did not need help, what would all those people who want to help, do? They would have no outlet for their giving genes. LOL

One thing that really helps me is to talk to God. I am a Christian, and even though I get depressed from time to time, and things don't always go right, putting my faith in Jesus has made a huge difference in realizing who I am. I know I can go to Him for help or to complain or to trust whenever I need to. If you are a believer, give Him a chance to help you through this. If you are not, perhaps now is a good time to seek Jesus and see what He is all about. What could it hurt? What have you got to lose?

BBW you are still the same person you've always been, it is not you who has changed, it your circumstances. You are loved. You are worthwhile. You are respected. I am praying for you.

davidhogan 2013-03-03 10:26:19 -0600 Report

Man, tough times! I suggest trying to see an endocrinologist if possible if you are not already seeing one. Especially given the fact you mentioned insulin as part of the treatment now and the other health problems. What type of insulin regime does he have you on?

Mikeal72 2013-03-03 09:55:40 -0600 Report

I had a similar but probably not as awful of a slide towards diabetes. I can tell you that I felt exactly as you do. Didn't hardly know what to do with myself when u was told I had type 1. I've felt as though my life was basically over and that pain & suffering was going to be part of daily life forever. However I have noticed that once you get your blood sugar under good control, your body will physically feel better and then the mind will follow suit. It takes effort to stay positive, but I try to look at it as a challenge to overcome. And I want to beat the disease as best I can. Just know that you are not alone, you are NOT useless, and that there are people here that can help.