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Hey I Just Got Diagnosed On December 19,2012. Im a Junior and is going to be a senior this year. Ok I need advice. So 3years ago my mom moved. And I want to go home to graduate with my old friends since this my last year. My aunt told my mom I can stay with her. But my mom is being really mean. She saying she dont know cause I have type 1 diabetes. But im about to be in college within a year by myself why cant I go back home bymyself? Any suggestions am I right or is she right? Help

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type1's mom
type1's mom 2013-02-26 10:33:48 -0600 Report

To be honest that year before u go off to college is the most important year. It will be the hardest as U adjust to ur diabetic needs. Things will be changing and u will need help even tho U are almost an adult. Hopefully you will be ready for your independent life by the time for college admission. I may be wrong but as a Mom myself, I can't imagine a person who cares for u and ur health anymore than your mother. So I'm thinking your mom will support u better than the friends u had 3 years ago. It's also a lot to ask of your Aunt. I have learned to see certain things that clue me into my son's blood sugar before he even notices them. Part of that is because I know my son so well. I don't believe his aunt even tho she loves him very much could do that. I'm sure that its hard for u to see this now but years later u will look back and understand some of the reasons ur Mom made her decisions. Trust her now please

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