McDonald's , Burger King etc = poison

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I gotta remind myself , Chris McDonald's , Burger King and all the other fast food places are for the most part POISON to me … I dislike myself and get so mad @ myself !!!!!!!! Today was doing wonderful all day with my #'s decided to go to McDonald's and had some POISON … 3 hours after eating my blood sugar was almost 300… Chris , Chris , Chris I gotta gotta gotta remind myself that stuff is POISON , stay away from ALL FAST FOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No burgers & fries !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO mad @ myself for giving into this craving … Yes FAST FOOD = POISON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For me @ least !!!!!!!!!!!! Was it Nancy Reagan , or Barbra Bush that said the famous line , JUST SAY NO to FASTFOOD …

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Fefe12 2013-02-27 01:40:57 -0600 Report

Oh those carbs! As much as we need them they aren't very friendly to us. I have found that so much of what we eat is a mind game. Either we are lazy and let our taste buds rule what we eat or we are diligent and watch everything that goes into our mouths. Both ways its our mind that leads us. Its a decision that we make every day to do one or the other. Some days its harder then others and we must have a plan in place to make it easier on us. I carry nuts in my glove compartment to stay off hunger when I'm out. When I go out for a burger its a plan not a quick decision. I searched out places that will serve thier burgers wrapped in lettuce. Not the ones who serve it on a plastic platter with a knife and fork, but a real burger with all the fixings, wrapped in lettuce then wrapped in paper like a real burger. I found out I didn't miss the bread, a serving of french fries is ten so share the rest. Like I said, its a mind game, how healthy do you want to be? How long do you want to live? How well do you want to feel? That should be our bottom line. Good luck, and most of all love yourself.

Nana_anna 2013-02-26 17:36:04 -0600 Report

I have to ignor those lovely golden arches! My thing is for the fries! So addicting. I used to work at McDonalds. I did the fry stand. They add to much salt and its really nasty when you see fries and salt lying there waiting to be served! Its not right! They don't clean the fry stands until closing, so that salt sits there from 11 to closing, or now 24/7 probably. They don't clean it very often. I don't eat them any more! They are bad for you!

IronOre 2013-02-26 12:18:57 -0600 Report

If you must go to a fast food place just keep away from the french fries and you should do ok.
There are other (more common sense) things to stay away from too, but the french fries are a real killer.
Sweei potato fries were mentioned below, and I love those, but I don't really know much about them.

Devenaira 2013-02-26 12:03:40 -0600 Report

you can make your own " fast food" right at home use ground turkey instead of nasty beef, use whole grain wheat bun any veggie u want use sugar free thousand island dressing ( secret sauce) instead of mayo ketchup n mustard ( i live on mustard but i can generally eat what i like) and sweet potato fries..

pixsidust 2013-02-26 13:45:39 -0600 Report

Sounds yummy but still a lot of carbs in any bread and any potatoes

Devenaira 2013-02-26 14:03:09 -0600 Report

so omit the bun all together and eat veggie sticks instead of the sweet potato fries for those that cant have all the carbs

Devenaira 2013-02-27 16:51:27 -0600 Report

thanks. my family in and of itself is FULL of diabetics so is my BF and his fathers family. you learn a few things after a while lol

pixsidust 2013-02-26 11:33:33 -0600 Report

Get online and read the menu's at the fast food places you pass or are close to your work. At home you can decide what items are better than others by seeing their content. I do this with regular restaurants too. Some salads have sugar added. Then you know if I go here or there this is what I will order. Even you have to be human sometimes but plan not to blow it completely

I get a breakfast sandwich at Subway on flat bread. Why flat bread? It opens up all the way, to hold more veggies compared to the regular bread. I can get egg white, low fat mozzarella, steak meat, chipolte mayonnaise (its not hot) and my favorite veggies. I slide this off the flatbread and onto a plate or if I have to, I'll use the paper. Depending on where I am the dogs or birds eat the flat bread and I have a large healthy breakfast thats yum. Don't forget to ask for a fork. I have been disappointed in the salad conversions at Subway

If I have to have a burger I never order fries and get rid of at least one of the sides of bun. I hold it using the bottom half and eat it that way. The key is don't go out hungry if you can. Bring food with you to supplement that burger without fries or add a salad.

Calm yourself down and stop all that YELLING! You will cause your sugars to spike with stress and maybe some of ours… Be your own best friend and ours too.

Siteman45 2013-02-25 05:43:08 -0600 Report

Tell yourself if you must go there to only purchase salads for lunch or dinner. I get a side of eggs and a side of bacon for breakfast.

Type1Lou 2013-02-23 07:35:53 -0600 Report

There are some fast-food joints that do offer healthier choices…McD's salads are generally OK and Subway will covert most subs they sell to a salad…the key for us is to resist ordering all the other bad stuff on their menus. In fact, the last time I went to McD's, I was surprised they provided nutritional info on their menu items on the back of the paper tray insert…really positive move for those of us watching our carbs. Panera also has the nutritional info available in a binder if you ask the person taking your order…again, a really positive move to help us decide whether we should order an item or not.

Set apart
Set apart 2013-02-23 06:44:04 -0600 Report

Don't be so hard on yourself, food is food and sometimes we want to think that we can give into our temptations and not have to deal with D! I myself would love a filet o fish from Mc Ds, but I know I can't have it! Sometimes when I am really craving a burger I carry my carb chopper tortilla with me, buy the burger and will place the meat in my tortilla! It takes away the craving and my sugar doesn't spike. My daughter makes the best chile con queso, (cheese mixture for nachos) I've tried to eat it with my tortillas cooked into chips, but that cheese caused havoc on my system ,as much as I love it, I know I probably can't have it anymore! You are human, like all of us we all make mistakes!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-02-23 18:16:08 -0600 Report

Thanks Set now I want a Filet O Fish from McDonalds. I have not had one of those in at least 10 years. I looked into your carb chopper tortilla. I am going to look for them here when I go shopping for food again. Can you toast them and make the crispy? I want to try them with my chili.

Set apart
Set apart 2013-02-24 07:32:53 -0600 Report

Hi Joyce, miss those filet o fish sandwiches. The carb chopper tortillas have become my go to chips for sure. I toast them for sure to make them into my chips. I substitute them for fritos in a frito pie, yummiest. I love them in a tortilla bowl. Purchased these bowls at Walmart place the tortilla in them, let them get crispy in the oven and you can pretty much come up with your own inventions as to what you want in them. I do breakfast, dinner etc…

jessicatype1hawaii 2013-02-22 23:32:21 -0600 Report

Just make wiser choices. I avoid fast food completely because I know I can eat healthier if I prepare my own food. Don't be hard on yourself or discouraged, just remember how you felt and make a better choice next time.

locarb 2013-02-22 18:47:46 -0600 Report

Ditto…with one exception.
Don't be angry with yourself.
You made one meal and one mistake.
By now it's behind you and the reminder actually was a valuable lesson for you.
There isn't a person here who hasn't made one mistake (or more).
I'm lucky, I'm not tempted at all by fast food, but I do understand.

manapua72 2013-02-22 12:53:01 -0600 Report

I had the Big Mac combo … Yes I put in my mouth , which is why I said I disliked myself and was mad @ myself … I also said I had to remind MYSELF that for ME , that stuff is POISON … I did say I could enjoy a low carb burger @ Carl's jr … I sorry if any of you took the post wrong , I was disappointed in ME the choice I MADE …

GabbyPA 2013-02-22 12:33:46 -0600 Report

Just say no is right. That stuff isn't good for anyone. Even the salads are loaded if you are not careful.

Mz Tara
Mz Tara 2013-02-22 10:22:50 -0600 Report

I eat out because I have a very busy lifestyle, with work (8 hrs), school (3 classes) and church (choir practice and Sunday's) … however, I am very particular about what I eat at the fast food restaurants… I will have a burger and a salad or a burger and sliced apples, sometimes, fries (small, no salt) and a diet drink (but I have quit diet drinks when I joined this community) so now it's bottled water… I don't have a problem with my bg spiking … it usually ends up right in normal range after lunch. It's just a matter of knowing what you can and can't have (like I know I can't have rice, or nachos) … If it's bad for you … don't go near it :)

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-02-23 18:22:41 -0600 Report

Mz Tara I only eat out on Sat. and Sun. because I have a business in a Flea Market. Once the Amish Market closed, I could no longer get the really good healthy foods so it was either bring my own food which gets bothersome of eat there. This is the only time I have real fried chicken. Two of the vendors know I am diabetic so I can get changes of food choices. For instance if you want fries, they give you enough for two people. I ask for 6 pieces and they give them to me. When you eat out, you just make the same choices as you do at home if possible.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-02-22 09:56:49 -0600 Report

I wouldn't go so far as to say it is poison. You made the choice to eat there. Just because you spiked your blood sugar doesn't mean that will happen to others who might choose a salad or a burger without the bread and fries.

I didn't have fast food places like the ones today when I was growing up so I rarely eat at these places today. I ate a steak quesadilla at Taco Bell Sunday. This was because I was at a vendor show at an expo center. The one restaurant had long wait line so the only choices were fast food places. I probably had walked at least 2 miles around that expo center and my carbs were low so the food I ate basically had no effect on me. The meal came with a taco. I also ate taco. An hour later I began to feel better but my blood sugar never spiked.

I wouldn't say you have to avoid these kinds of places to avoid temptation. If you don't have will power and control not to eat what you know you shouldn't, you can blame the fast food places. That is your own fault.

I go to dinner meetings, buffets and restaurants and I choose the healthiest foods I can find to eat. No one forces anyone to eat foods they know they should not eat so when you eat that kind of food don't rant about what happened to you. Sadly, people put themselves in these kinds of positions simply because they didn't choose the right foods to eat.

mary, the diabetes lady
mary, the diabetes lady 2013-02-24 09:39:30 -0600 Report

You are right that no one forces you to eat these fast foods especially the fast foods that are high in carbs however, what you forget is that most diabetics are addicted to carbs. The addiction is stronger than the addiction to cocaine or nicotine.

When diabetics are exposed to an array of carbs its like putting an alcoholic in a tavern that also serves food - that alcoholic doesn't have to take a drink but given the addiction is there the odds are fairly great that he will.

You are also right not to blame McD's or the other myriad of fast food places but you need to remeber that will power often collapses when addictions are in place. Thats why you don't or shouldn't rely on or base your health on how much will power you feel you have.

What you do base your health on is a plan. A plan that changes your lifestyle. A plan that incorporates making sure today that you KNOW where, when, how and what your going to eat tomorrow. A plan that knows that if I am going to be out and will probably not have time to eat a good healthy lunch then I need to make that healthy lunch today and find a way to take it with me so that when lunch time rolls around, I am fully prepared with everything I need and want for a healthy lunch. I do not need to go to a fast food place ergo no temptation, no high carb meal, no blood sugar spikes of 300! What I do get out of that healthy lunch is an even reading in my blood sugar, feeling great after I eat - not bloated or sluggish, a much better and more productive afternoon, no fatgue or sleepiness setting in and I am still in contol of my diabetes! Yay!

Read Dr. Robert Lustig's book or check him out on you tube:Sugat The Bitter Truth.

tabby9146 2013-02-22 18:01:11 -0600 Report

right on. I give it every now and then and I think that is what keeps me on track, I sure do understand the temptations and being hard on yourself.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-02-23 18:29:19 -0600 Report

I am never hard on myself when it comes to food. I either will eat it or I won't. If it is something that I know is going to cause a drastic spike in my blood sugar I won't eat it. Last Saturday at the Flea Market I ate a Hershey Bar. That chocolate was like nirvana. The flea market is about two city blocks long. I walked it twice about an hour after I ate the chocolate. It didn't spike. I was surprised. My sugar rose a little. After leaving there we went to Super Wal-Mart. By the time I got home and prepared dinner I was beginning to feel low. I know it was because I did a lot of walking.

manapua72 2013-02-22 06:22:31 -0600 Report

I guess you're right James … An alcoholic can go to a bar and order a soda pop or a Shirley Temple , but why put yourself in the saturation ??? I could go to McDonald's and order a salad … Yet the temptation is strong to eat junk there why test yourself … For some of us avoidance is key … Yes I had a combo and NO I DID NOT SUPERSIZE.IT OR LARGE SIZE , just a regular combo … One of the terms my doctor used to describe me prior to using the pump was brittle diabetes … I'm very sensitive to certain carbs and sadly I know from experience that fast food ESP spikes me crazy every single time … When I eat their regular offerings … Now I can enjoy a low carb burger from Carl's jr it has no bread the burger and toppings r wrapped in lettuce … For me though I think I should just avoid it in less I'm feeling like a salad that day ..,,, Like u said the choice is mine , as it is for all of us … We decide what we put in our mouths …

jayabee52 2013-02-22 01:29:35 -0600 Report

OK Manuapua! I wouldn't go as far as saying they're (Micky D's and Burger king) is poison. If it helps you to think of it as poison it is OK with me, but I know different.

I will admit it is not my first choice when I need to eat out, but when I do, I can eat there without skyrocketing into the stratosphere BG wise.

What did you eat, when you went into the near 300s? Did you just order a combo plate?

I NEVER do. And I can eat fast food without spiking, simply by not eating the bread, avoiding the sauces (esp. Ketchup and mayo) and not having fries!

It is like eating out in general. As a PWD one has to make certain choices eating out. (and me as a PWD plus dialysis patient, my menu choices are even more linited) One can let the facility make your choices for you, or you can make choices for yourself according to your metabolic needs.

Choice is yours!


Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-02-22 10:04:12 -0600 Report

Same here James I can eat fast food without spiking. I don't make a habit out of eating at fast food restaurants. I haven't been in a Burger King in at least 8 years. I have never liked their food. I haven't been in Mickey D's in 3 years.

It is all in the choices you make. I went to a Dinner the Governor had. The food choices were limited. The chicken was in a sauce, the salad was covered in nuts raisins and a dressing I knew nothing about. There was also a seafood neuberg (sp) served with rice. I at the chicken without adding sauce, skipped the salad. picked scallops out of the seafood dish and skipped the rice. The mistake I made was not eating some of the rice. My blood sugar was dropping by the time I got back home so I had to eat something.

We are the ones who make the choices of what we put in our mouths. Once we eat it, we can't take it back. If the choice was poor then we really should not complain about the end result. The key is to make better choices.

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