Vegetarian to start/are they ok

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Am thinking about starting a vegetarian or vegan diet, I know can help control diabetes a little better but know have to balance the vitamin mineral stuff to be in balance. Also need alternate protein form. Am really concerned will mess up. am looking for a diabetic educator that can help me out but what is easiest way to go? need all the suggestions can get. Thanks

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RebC 2013-03-02 20:33:51 -0600 Report

I am a vegan, and I would highly recommend it. I suggest reading the book Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. It has all the info one would need to start, even some recipes. I actually read Dr. Fuhrman's book Disease Proof Your Child, which is the reason I made the lifestyle change from the standard American diet to being vegan. It has recipes as well.

A lot of people feel that being vegan is not the way to go, but I think that sometimes it's just their resistance to change, and the unknown. I am very healthy, as are my two boys. You can get plenty of protein from plant sources…beans, nuts, seeds. Don't be afraid, just be sure to get prepared before trying to jump in. Good luck!

Malden for short
Malden for short 2013-03-05 17:36:39 -0600 Report


Lentyl 2013-03-05 16:44:06 -0600 Report

After reading your comments I went out and purchased a copy of Eat To Live and hiw new book The End of Diabetes. I'm looking forward to interesting reading. thanks.

shortysmalls 2013-03-05 10:44:58 -0600 Report

Thanks for the book info. Will try to get to buy it on day off. I needed all the info can get to make a proper choice. and since meat is expensive and know there are other alternatives to that, looking into vegan. I also have heard the neg but since work in retail(cashier at walmart), I have talked with customers who are vegan and say they are fine. Look healthy and one lady works for UPS or forestry service in my state and says try it. My only concern for me is the protein issue…so need to make sure bout that. And thanks for the name of the book, going to see if can purchase it online. thanks fo the info.

JSJB 2013-02-24 06:49:14 -0600 Report

I eat alot of salads and lean more to a vegitarian diet. I do like steaks every now and then but have noticed after eating a well done steak, my BS reading the next morning is up. Did not see any difference in pork, ham or other meat meals. I will still have a steak supper but rarely ;-)

Lentyl 2013-03-05 11:11:51 -0600 Report

About beef - this meat just doesn't do well for me at all. Every time that I eat some beef my BG's go high. I have the same problem with pork and pork products.

JSJB 2013-03-05 14:37:31 -0600 Report

Today was the second day that my BG was up because the night before I had beef tacos. No problems with pork products. I will have to check my log and see if the chili affected the BG test.

Lentyl 2013-03-05 16:46:09 -0600 Report

What about the taco shells. Would they have be implicated in the increased BG numbers? I think all of use need to call ourselvesd Sherlock Holmes :D

JSJB 2013-03-05 17:50:17 -0600 Report

I didn't use taco shells, I used wheat pita bread and the night before I used flour wraps. You are right, The Sherlock Holmes of Diabetes :-). Oh tonight I had sloppy Joes on hamburger rolls. Let see what the BG reading is tomorrow. I try to follow the diet but am weak. My wife is a good cooker:). I guess I will have to try harder.

Lentyl 2013-03-05 18:11:56 -0600 Report

Chuckle - nothing better than having a wife who is a good cooker. I bet the wheat will cause you elevations. Sometimes it's a real bore to have to try harder. This I know - you can do it. So who is Dr. Watson???

shortysmalls 2013-03-08 14:03:34 -0600 Report

did get the eat to live book off of w almart .com so will get sent to the walmart store where I work…did I ever mention was a walmart associate…work the front end as a cashier…lol and yes trying harder is a pain and bore but has to get done…just have to up the motivation…and thanks for the confidence booster…will let know what happens

Lentyl 2013-03-08 14:54:27 -0600 Report

Great! Go for it. You really can do it. When we respect ourselves and our health needs others will follow suit, in my experience.

JSJB 2013-02-25 07:37:47 -0600 Report

I just use fried onions and catsup but very little and I fry it in virgin olive oil well done. Really went overboard last night (weekend break) and this morning it was 122. I just have to get the right carb intake but for today I am headed to the mall to get Dr. Bernstien's book even though my sugars are not as high or in the normal range.

old biker
old biker 2013-02-25 08:09:49 -0600 Report

Bernstien's book is an excellent investment for anyone who is serious about their diabetes management. His diet plan was a little to restrictive for my taste ( no pun intended) But it sure opened my eyes up about a lot of foods I thought were ok to eat

Gwen214 2013-02-22 22:53:15 -0600 Report

I've been eating a veges, fruit, and dairy diet and I've been hitting a number of lows. Your body may react differently.

shortysmalls 2013-02-22 15:23:53 -0600 Report

I didnt say I didnt like meat, but wascurious bout the vegan/vegtarian diets…hey like all of you like I said like meat, but wqnt to eat some vegan stuff too…not all meat all the time…since meat is espensive. and do want to stay helathy…and if cant do it on that type of diet…then its a good thing not to do it. But do thank you for the feedback. I defenatly miss my pasta and meatball Sundays…lol thanks for feedback honest

manapua72 2013-02-22 06:34:29 -0600 Report

According to the Bible mankind was vegetarian to begin with … After the flood we ( mankind ) were allowed to eat the flesh of animals … I don't know about you but one if my all time favorites is a STEAK cooked right … I guess I'm off topic sorry … I like meat , it's tasty , fills u up and depending how you cook it CARB FREE …

mary, the diabetes lady
mary, the diabetes lady 2013-02-24 17:23:24 -0600 Report

JSJB Referencing your comment about eating steaks every now and then but that you noticed after eating a well done steak you BS reading the next morning is up. Just curious…do you put any type of seasoning salt on your steak?

We were using Lawry's Seasoning Salt on our steaks. We always grilled steak but we were noticing my husband's blood sugars would go up. That's not supposed to happen.

Duh! Then we decided to look at the list of ingredients in this seasonings "salt" and found that sugar is second ingredient! The nutrition label show that there are zero carbs per serving. I am not quite sure how they figured that one out. Ugh.

Anyway, it just may be something hidden ingredient like the sugar in our salt that may be making your BS spike after steak.

Also, when grilling a steak, that nice brown crustiness on the steak is called the "Maillard reaction" or carmelization. According to About dot com, this happens when you heat sugars and amino acids (proteins) together. And it occurs when meats are grilled at temperatures of 300 and 500 degrees.

Hope this sheds a little light on that subject. :)

jayabee52 2013-02-22 01:48:36 -0600 Report

Vegetarian and Vegan meal plans are IMO not very healthy. Look at those who have been on a stict Vegan meal plan for a long time (say 10 yrs) They look pale and washed out to me. But that is only my opinion.

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