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I am new to this site and found it through facebook. I have 29 years old. I have been diabetic since i was 2. I am glad that i found a place like this I can get advise and see products having to do with diabetes. I have very little help from those around me as most dont understand what diabetes or dont care to understand it. I have a beautiful daughter that i spent all 7 months in the hospital with diabetic complications for. I have NLD and neuropathy steming from my diabetes. I have however gotten my A1c down and lost a load of weight in the last 2 years. I am not quite done but almost. I am also a 4.0 student trying to get my degree in nutrition science. I am full of lots of personal experiences. Have a great day one and all… I got hired fulltime at my job so i finally get insurance… going to apply to get a dexcom because my gbs have been either below 50 or above 250 its frustrating. anyway im glad to be here

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tabby9146 2013-02-21 18:51:17 -0600 Report

Welcome to DC!

tabby9146 2013-02-22 18:05:08 -0600 Report

congrats on that degree! I am thinking of going into nutrition or becoming a personal trainer. I do not want to go for 4 years, I am considering a certificate, study hard, taking the tests and the big test to become certified, not sure how much money I could make by not getting a 4 year degree but I already have a degree from when I was young, getting kind of old now and have my youngest child still (older one is grown) taking care of my elderly parent and part time job and having my own business as well, so it is busy but I admire you for what you are doing.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2013-02-21 14:46:02 -0600 Report


I just wanted to jump on the welcome wagon. I am glad you are here. Congratulations on all the great progress you are making in your life! Weight loss, a new job, and a 4.0 average. You are an inspiration!

Looking forward to seeing you around!


JMan's Mom
JMan's Mom 2013-02-19 18:50:44 -0600 Report

Glad to meet you!! I am also new to this so I hope I can help!! I have a son with type 1 so I can somewhat feel your pain!! We have started my son on the OmniPod and it seems to help his blood sugars. Congrat on your weight loss!! I'm sure that hasn't been easy to do!! Look forward to getting to know you!!

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Welcome to DC, msmayaks!

Congratulations on your weight loss. Nice before and after pic!

glad you discovered that posting on you profile wall doesn't get you many responses. Thanks for bringing this to a new discussion so more of us may see and comment on it.

I too have NLD on my shin and don't often wear shorts in public because of it. For those of us who don't know what NLD is read this article here ~

Blessings to you and yours!