Shooting Down Diabetes Myths

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Considering all the factors involved with diabetes, there's plenty of room for misinformation. Some of the more persistent misconceptions:
MYTH: If you develop diabetes, you can never eat sugar again.
TRUTH: People with diabetes can eat sweets, but sugary treats must be a
part of a very careful meal plan (as they should be without
MYTH: I have just a touch of diabetes.
TRUTH: Either you hve diabetes or you don't. Even if you are a Type 2
not requiring insulin, it still demands medical attention and careful
MYTH: I feel fine so my blood sugar is fine.
TRUTH: High or low blood sugar doesn't always produce symptoms.
Regular testing is the only way to know for sure where you stand
MYTH: I'm a pro at self management, checkups are a waste of time.
TRUTH: Your treatment program is never a done deal. You need to know
how to deal with it-you need to check in with the doctor.
MYTH: If I don't need insulin or drugs, my diabetes is not serious.
TRUTH: Diabetes is always serious. Even if you are diet/exercise in check,
your cells are still insulin resistant and your condition could get
worse if you don't control it.

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MicheZ 2013-02-17 08:13:28 -0600 Report

I can relate to the "myth" I feel fine so my blood sugar is fine. I remember at one point being frustrated because I felt awful trying to get better control & wondered - what's the point? But a diabetes educator pointed out that the high sugars were destroying my body - I just couldn't see it!

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