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Okay many of us diabetics , not saying all of us , could stand to lose some weight … We are bombarded with all kinds of info on diets , meds , supplements etc. to help us lose weight … It seems many of us get caught up in the hype and we forget the SIMPLE TRUTH … Yes it's sad in our society many want the quick easy way out . Yet as a reminder when we eat the food we eat has a certain amount of calories … We need to use/burn off those calories other wise our bodies will take what's not used and store it as fat on our bodies … So we need to be physically active !!!!!!! When I was 18 I went through Army basic training and yes I was OVER WEIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did they put me on a diet , NOPE … They let me eat all I wanted @ mess hall breakfast lunch and dinner as a matter if fact I had to eat everything I put on my plate … I piled on the food , yet in those 8 weeks I lost my stomach fat etc and gained muscle … They had me being more active then any other time in my life … So from personal experience it's consume less and exercise more and that is the SIMPLE TRUTH TO WEIGHT LOSS … Sorry to ramble but this was just my personal thoughts on weight loss … I know it's hard , a real struggle yet the truth is the truth as I see it … Others may see it differently …

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Lentyl 2013-02-18 15:17:08 -0600 Report

So many times I hear people complain that this or that isn't working. Unfortunately the longer that I listen I become aware that it's a matter of abdicating responsibility for their own health expecting someone or something else to do the job. That isn't going to happen. It matters not if the person has diabetes or not the same rules apply.

IronOre 2013-02-15 19:00:06 -0600 Report

One thing that I notice about your discussions lately is that you diect them to diabetics, but they do not just apply to diabetics . . . they apply to everybody !
I could not post in your discusion about "eating what you want" and insulin being an excuse to do that . . . but the same thing applys there too - - - nobody should eat what they want (unless what they want is all good).

T'Leesa 2013-02-15 04:49:49 -0600 Report

Hi. Just following discussion. I too have a weight problem. I'm trying to take charge of my life again. That includes losing weight. A few weeks ag my neurologist strongly suggested I have gastric bypass. He told me I'm not losing the weight fast enough. (I've lost 30 pounds since September 2012.) Although I know individuals who have had the surgery, I'm going to continue to follow my diet and exercising (besides taking my meds) . I may not be in the best shape, but I'm happy I'm able to become active again

manapua72 2013-02-14 22:41:48 -0600 Report

Yes , I agree with what I posted cause yes those are my thoughts … Yet though I know this simple truth I myself have a weight problem … I know what I need to do , yet knowing & doing are two different things … Yet I am working on it , and that's something we all need to do if we want to lose weight , work on it cause yes WORK it will take … Yes , I am not the young 18 year old I once was …

locarb 2013-02-14 19:20:35 -0600 Report

I've been thinking about posting something similar for some time. With all of the biochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, genetic and other answers that we read…the simple truth is that very many people diagnosed with Type 2 are overweight and have been for some time. I had read that while losing weight is tremendously beneficial for BG, only about 10% of the people fortunate enough to lose weight maintain the weight loss.

I understand that activity is hard. I have neuropathy. I force myself to go to yoga twice a week and the gym no less than two more times. It was awful at first. I still have to have an endless monologue with myself about going each week because the simple truth is that it is easier not to. I have been lucky. I have managed to make the changes that I needed to with food and I rarely have any cravings at all (and we all know that the world won't end if you give in to a craving or two on occasion). I don't even like the smell of most food that is "popular" anymore.

It was posted earlier. Movement is the answer. It can be 5 or 10 minutes a couple times a day (at first). Later, you learn to find a recumbent bike, or chair exercise or something else that is manageable. Otherwise, the simple truth is that you will be reading book and articles and buying videos until the end of time, but your weight will only stay the same or increase.

Cathy286 2013-02-19 20:36:45 -0600 Report

I too suffer from neuropathy and I'm having complications from previous surgeries. The neuropathy has gotten so bad that my feet & legs loose feeling and I'm falling very frequent. I've had 2 back surgeries and both knees replaced. I'm in constant pain and really in a funk. I previously lost weight due to walking and watching my diet. Now with my falling, I've been unable to walk and have gained the weight back. My doc says some of my meds contribute to the weight gain but he won't change any of them. I have a multitude of health issues and now my kidneys aren't functioning like they should. I noticed you do yoga and don't know anything about it so can you tell me what it consists of and how it helps with the neuropathy pain? I'm tired of feeling sick and tired.

jayabee52 2013-02-14 19:17:28 -0600 Report

Howdy Manu.

I agree with you that far too often people want the quick and easy way to lose weight. They want a "magic bullet" pill or potion or exercise to get their weight off.

HOWEVER (you knew that was coming from me) not all people are 18 year old males. We find ourselves in 2 different genders and all ages, all sizes and shapes.

We need to be as physically active as we are able to attain, still, not everyone is able to maintain much physical activity at all.

I have to maintain my health through being hooked to a dialysis machine 3 days a week for 4 hrs per session. My stamina is sapped after a session, and usually returns just as I need to underg another treatment!

Plus, to walk with my burning neuropathy is also really draining. It is a wonder some days I am able to walk to the computer room. And I consider myself fortunate that I am as able bodied as I am! (not saying this to garner any sympathy - just relating the facts with which I am faced)

I think I do well, and much better than people I have "met" online who are plagued by debilitating back pain, amputations and a whole host of other "medical challenges". (I've met many of these on this and other "connect" sites which I am on) And perhaps I am a bit of a softie, but I tend to believe them when they say they are in pain

So often people like those don't seek sympathy but just a kind word and a hand up. And sometimes they have a weight problem of various proportions. Some have problems being underweight but it seems most of the problems are being overweight.

On the other hand, most of us could do more than we currently do to increase our activity. Even it is something like "air conducting" or seated Yoga.

However for several of us, the major way we might be able to lower out weight would be to modify our meal plans.

This is the rambling of an older, sicker man.

Praying for improved health for all y'all!


EJMac 2013-02-27 12:32:44 -0600 Report

You know I am a fan, James. I wish I had gotten in better shape before all the pain happened, but now is probably gonna be better than further down the line. I started walking and my feet hurt so bad I had to stop. Now I'm trying just walking around the house, moving my arms and legs while I watch TV. It all counts as moving-better than nothing. You are still in my prayers, James. Prayers are why I am still alive so I know they work. I pray you find the blessings in your current situation. Tears again. I want to meet you. Spouse & I are going to be in CA for a month this spring. I asked about what it would take to add a stop into Vegas to meet you ( usually Vegas means gambling Ha Ha). I believe it would be around the 10th of May? I'll try to write a private message-I'm serious about managing a short visit if you are open to it.

CJ55 2013-02-15 02:48:32 -0600 Report

Well said James..
As you know, I am one of those above people you mentioned. My doctor keeps saying, just walk 30 minutes everyday. I keep telling him, most days, I cannot even walk from my bedroom to my bathroom which may be 8 yards or so. I just can't even begin to think of walking for 30 minutes non stop. I have tried soooo many times and after a few minutes my back pain and muscle spasms are so severe I have to use my wheelchair to get home, and pray the pain will subside just a little. So when people say, CJ , why don't you just walk everyday, it's only 30 minutes, you will loose weight, my response is, a smile. That is all I can do anymore. I am so tired of having to defend myself for being heavy. I have gained most of my weight since I was diag as a T2 8 yrs ago. 50 pds in 3 months from Actos.. Another 40 pds from misc Drugs for various illiness and 9 surgeries in 6 years with major downtime being in bed. Sorry.. Enough of that. Im not looking for sympathy or pity, not at all, just tired of the hassle from people. Some of us really do have pain so severe with no relief .

Again James, thank you. Glad to see you back. I hope your dialysis went okay for you. I know it is a tough road. My prayers are with you.
Hugz. CJ

jayabee52 2013-02-15 11:41:51 -0600 Report

You are welcome CJ. You were one of those ppl I had in mind when writing this.

RD: the dialysis, it is going well I am up to the usual 4 hrs last night and had no cramping. I am not ready to post it yet, but I am planning to post a description of what dialysis is like (at least for me). Perhaps sometime this weekend.

granniesophie 2013-02-15 14:07:03 -0600 Report

James, that would be very helpful to me. My mother is having a graft put in on Friday in preperation for dialysis, and I can print off what you write and give it to her to read. Might make her less fearful, and then again, maybe not! G-d bless :)

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