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I am sitting at my desk doing work and I feel like I have low blood sugar from the way I am feeling but I know that's not the case. I had some plain oatmeal with half a banana with a little bit of cinnamon and brown sugar. That shot my blood sugar up. I am definitely going to have to make an appointment with the Nutritionist soon. I was doing so good before, why is this becoming so hard to control now? Smh

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Mz Tara
Mz Tara 2013-02-18 11:29:46 -0600 Report

In the morning I usually just have a banana for breakfast … my blood sugars are always high in the morning, even when I don't eat anything. I think my problem is eating dinner to late (I have a busy schedule). Your breakfast is very HIGH in carbohydrates, you may want to tone it down a bit.

Set apart
Set apart 2013-02-15 06:02:54 -0600 Report

Mirena, like James said this meal would send me flying, way too high carb for me. My breakfast never has more than 20'grams of carbs. I stay away from bananas, oatmeal has about 42 grams per cup cooked, so I can't get full on that, brown sugar is not in my diet, I usually do protein veggie omelettes, with maybe 1/2 apple or berries, a lot safer for me! Good luck at the Drs. Keep us posted!

Debbiejf 2013-02-14 16:21:25 -0600 Report

Yeah, been there done that and it's really a let down :(. I was visiting my brother one day and felt like I was being thrown for a loop, positive that my blood sugar had hit rock bottom-I asked for a banana and only then did I ask my brother to use his monitor…diabetes runs through our family…turns out my bs was over 300! And the sugar from the banana hadn't even been factored in yet. I do take insulin, have for about 7 years now, and it was at home. So I waited until my body kind of settled and then went home and took my insulin. May I suggest that when you bs does go low that you drink a real juice (eg orange juice-a small amount should do the trick) and not a sugary drink or candy? If you can keep a very small (4 oz) bottle in your bag, purse, desk even for emergencies…it gets through your system quicker and takes less time to up your bs to a more normal level. Only a suggestion as this is what works for me :). Good luck! You might want to do some research online about foods and diabetes

pixsidust 2013-02-14 11:13:58 -0600 Report

You need to read up on how to count carbs. Read the packages to see the carbs in a serving. Read what a serving is on the package. Look up on the internet for other things like the banana & its carb count. Then plan your meal according to the carb count of items you choose to eat. My personal rule of thumb is to never go above 45 carbs in a three hour window. You may have some scrambled eggs and a half a cup of oatmeal. Save the banana for a snack later but pair it with protein, like cheese. Find someone to share it with… eat half and let the another eat the other half.
Put away all real sugar and use Stevia with your cinnamon. Brown sugar is not healthier than white. Take time to read and plan your success. You can't get around reading your packages and looking up what you intend to eat

Mirena 2013-02-14 09:21:35 -0600 Report

Thank you! Yes, the site has been very helpful. I'm hoping to get some answers when I go to the doctors tomorrow.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2013-02-14 08:44:08 -0600 Report

Hey Mirena,

I am just a therapist and not a doctor, but I wanted to say hi and give you all the support I can. From reading your post, I can tell that you are really feeling frustrated and disappointed. Managing diabetes can do that to you at times.

I am glad you are here! You posted your discussion, and your friends here on Diabetic Connect jumped in with ideas and support. That's the kind of place Diabetic Connect is. Support is power! You are not alone.

I am wishing you a better day today, and hoping you will keep us posted on how you're doing.

Take good care of yourself!

Gary 2013-02-13 18:50:42 -0600 Report

I have been through the same thing. I have felt like my sugar was dropping really low and it would be ok. The first few times that it happened to me really frightened me.

SandySilvers 2013-02-13 17:59:29 -0600 Report

I agree with James. When my BG was starting to come down and stabilize I went through the same thing. I would sit at my desk and suddenly get a little headach and be starving! You'll be fine but just make sure to always test to make sure you aren't really low. Ahhh the wonderful, unpredictable world of Diabetes!

jayabee52 2013-02-13 11:59:31 -0600 Report


Oatmeal, banana and Brown sugar (nothing except white sugar with molasses in it) would send my BG levels into orbit! That may be your problem. (the cinnamon I may have without problem! LoL!)

If you feel like you are having a low and you know your BG levels have been high, but still feel the signs of a low, you could be having a "false low".

When running high, your body gets used to the high BG number and when you get lower your body reacts to that lowered BG as if it were a real low. Shake, sweaty, hunger for carbs, fuzzy thinking, ect.

If you have just taken your BG level and found you are not low just avoid the urge to eat. Your body is trying to feed itself when you don't really need food.

My wife Jem had those false lows when she was alive. I would wake up and find her frantically eating carbs as if she hadn't ever eaten before! I was able to to get her BG tested only once when she was that way, and she had above average BG levels. (she was coming down from a medication —prednisone— induced high of over 300 )

I kept asking her to wake me when she felt low. but she chose not to do so. Said she was trying to be kind to me and let me sleep.

Oh well!

I think that you may be having false lows.


IronOre 2013-02-15 19:03:48 -0600 Report

so why would oatmeal, and a banana, and brown sugar send your BS into an orbit ??? simply check the carbs and act on that. A banana is around 3 (or is it 2 ?) carbs per inch in length. I eat oatmeal all the time without problems.

jayabee52 2013-02-16 02:12:15 -0600 Report

As I manage my BG levels through meal planning alone, Iron, I do not have the ability to just eat and inject myself. That is why!

It is important to me to be as medication free as possible.

jayabee52 2013-02-16 19:37:53 -0600 Report

There are a lot of things which I may eat which does not raise my BG levels. Protein, non starchy vegetables, berry fruits. And I do indulge in an occasional ice cream cone too, so I don't feel deprived.

I'd rather use the carbs on something which I REALLY enjoy, and in limited amounts I don't get spikes in my BG.

However now since I am back on dialysis again, I must review my menu list

GabbyPA 2013-02-13 18:59:58 -0600 Report

I went through this. My first 98 I could swear I was below 70. Tested...not so. If you feel you are going low, test. Make sure before you treat.

What might have happened is that you were up so high from a carb heavy meal, the crash feels worse when you come down so fast sometimes. Add some protein, fat or fiber to that meal and you will probably do better.

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