Valentine's Day - Spare a Rose, Save a Child with Diabetes

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Hey there everyone!

There's an an awesome grassroots initiative in the Diabetes Online Community created around Valentine's Day and aimed at helping kids with diabetes who aren't as able as some of us in getting the insulin they need.

This "Spare a Rose, Save a Child" initiative was created by a group of people in the DOC… Basically, it asks people to buy 11 roses instead of 12, and donate the cost of that single rose to the non-profit International Diabetes Federation's Life for a Child program aimed at providing insulin to children without access to it.

There's a Diabetes Advocates blog post on it here:

The timing is specific for Valentine's Day, and there are dozens of people in our community spread across the U.S. and even globally who are already taking part and getting involved.

Not only is this a great way to help on the human rights front, but it's also got the element of helping to show the incredible impact of how social media can be used to quickly generate support for something like this and make an incredible difference.

Can you help? It's so easy! I'm planning to do this, buying my wife 11 roses instead of the dozen and donate just that small amount.

Just wanted to let you all know about it here!

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askmanny 2013-02-15 11:39:11 -0600 Report

THANK YOU SO much for joining this effort!!! I am so proud of what the Diabetes Online Community can accomplish, when we get together!

sassyirish mom
sassyirish mom 2013-02-14 20:05:04 -0600 Report

This is a very wonderful way to help children on such a special day!!!! I agree that would b extremely helpful u should post it on Facebook as well…

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