A cure , a cure , a cure for diabetes yay !!!!!! NOT !!!!!

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To my new friends here on DC and to those on DC that may be reading this post that I do not know … I've been diabetic that I've known for 11 years . Diabetes runs strong in our family . Some in my family r thin , some carry around extra weight … One thing I about my family and that I think I know about all of you is that none if you want to have diabetes … We all wish it did not exist … Yes we all wish there was a cure !!!!! That being said as of this time THERE IS NO CURE FOR DIABETES ANYONE SAYING OTHERWISE IS A LIAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the symptoms of diabetes can be reversed , an remission is possible but if you stop following the steps you took to get your diabetes in remission it comes right back … Some people have weight loss surgery and get off their meds yet still that's not a cure … People be educated , be informed !!!!!! Don't let anyone dupe you … Don't pay for cures you hear about on Internet , etc … It's sad to hear of my fellow diabetics being taken advantage of my people that just want to take our money … It's bad enough that the real meds & supplies that help us with our condition are costly … Yes my friends don't be fooled into shelling out your $$$$ as of now there is NO CURE … Yet I hope & pray that some day there will be NO MORE DIABETES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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annesmith 2013-02-14 02:47:46 -0600 Report

Thank you for writing the very educational e-mail! I have been very frustrated at times with articles and people that write in with a big headline that says " Surgery CURES type 2 diabetes" or related. There's no cure, but most likely will be in the future. ANNE

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